With the “Explore ANDRITZ” project, we are offering a different kind of personal and professional orientation so that young people can discover technology at an earlier stage than was so far possible and take a hands-on look behind the scenes of an Austrian industrial company.

The “Explore ANDRITZ” job orientation project is part of the “Explore Industry” program supported by the Federation of Austrian Industries and is intended to provide active support to young people in their choice of vocational training and future profession. By participating in this initiative, ANDRITZ wants to alleviate the shortage of professionals with a scientific-technical background and help secure the Austrian province of Styria as an industrial location in the long term.

Communicating complex content in an interesting and enjoyable way

The focus lies on communicating in a way appropriate to the age group targeted. The content has been prepared for ages 8 to 14. Specially trained factory guides will accompany the young visitors to our plant.

Interactive stations developed specifically for the purpose, exhibits, and test specimens, as well as workpieces manufactured by the young people themselves provide an insight into technical and scientific phenomena and specific operational processes.

The emphasis lies here on learning by doing. This is supported by short videos and information material specially developed for the program.


Accompanied by factory guides and trainees from the ANDRITZ apprentices’ workshop, the young visitors discover the different manufacturing stages of a product. By doing so, they are able to make the connection between industrial products and everyday life.

Organisational info

All operational requirements and safety standards for conducting this project are met. The answers to FAQs are available here.

These exploratory tours are organized in coordination with the schools concerned, and a general time frame must also be defined. Groups interested in a tour should plan approximately three hours for the full program.


Thank you for your interest in taking a guided tour to explore the ANDRITZ works. For further information and bookings, please follow this link:

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