Corporate governance is the system by which our company is directed and controlled.

ANDRITZ has not only adopted the rules of conduct laid down in the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance without restriction, but above this has strict internal rules and guidelines how to make business. This directs us towards creating sustainable and long-term added value.

Fair and ethical business practices

Corporate governance is the system and structure of rules, practices and processes by which our company is directed and controlled, goals and objectives are established, and performance is tracked. The principles of corporate governance are based on transparency, accountability, integrity, responsibility and fairness, and they are also a primary driver of sustainability. This is intended to ensure corporate success and the continued existence of the Group.

ANDRITZ fully respects and supports the protection of internationally recognized human rights and maintains the principle of equal opportunities regardless of gender, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, age, sexual orientation or disability. ANDRITZ considers it a duty to use every opportunity to promote compliance with human rights – both inside and outside the company.

Risk management

ANDRITZ has a group-wide internal control system (ICS) with the main task of identifying nascent risks at an early stage and – if possible – implementing countermeasures promptly. This system is an important element of active corporate management and ensures that the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board are informed appropriately and promptly on all relevant issues within the Group.

We are committed to further integrating ESG risk handling into group-wide and project-related risk management.


Our target

Ensure that company risks are identified at an early stage in order to avoid negative effects on the company and achieve zero event-based profit warnings

Supplier compliance and sustainability

We have issued a Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics that sets forth the minimum requirements a supplier must fulfill in order to conduct business with ANDRITZ. We will only do business with partners who undertake to comply with the Supplier Code and who commit to compliance and sustainability. This will be audited (checked, approved/qualified and documented) on a regular basis using our standardized online Supplier Relationship Management tools.


Our target

Cover 85% of the supply volume (accumulated external purchasing volume [direct spend] through suppliers with an annual purchasing volume of more than EUR 250,000 in one of the past two consecutive years) by means of orders placed with audited suppliers by the end of 2025.

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  • Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)

    Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics

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