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04/03/2024: ANDRITZ is a confirmed sponsor of Waterpower Week 2024 

Waterpower Week returns from March 13 to 15, 2024 for another exciting week of waterpower policy. It will be held at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC.


This event is geared towards professionals in the North American hydro industry who are focused on Policy and Advocacy. Waterpower Week 2024 will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to concentrate on regulatory, policy, markets, and legislative aspects of their work. Additionally, they will have the chance to hear from and network with others who affect the industry – regulators, resource agencies, and environmental communities.

Waterpower Week brings many opportunities for you to connect both formally and informally – with attendees who work in the waterpower community, – and opens up lines of communication on important subjects (such as dam removal, licensing reform, and environmental protection).

For those new to the waterpower community, Waterpower Week provides a unique opportunity to meet waterpower professionals and become familiar with the waterpower community and how it works.

There is something for everyone at Waterpower Week! If you would like to become a part of this community, register here


01/03/2024: Join us at the CEATI Hydropower Conference 2024

ANDRITZ is excited to confirm its presence at the CEATI Hydropower Conference 2024, which will take place from March 18 to 22 at the Westin Rancho Mirage in Rancho Mirage, CA.


CEATI International’s Hydropower Conference will focus on the...



26/09/2023: Clean Currents 2023 in Cincinnati, USA

Clean Currents 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio, organized by the National Hydropower Association, is the most important national waterpower tradeshow and conference, bringing together professionals from a variety of fields including conventional hydropower, pumped storage, small hydro, and ocean energy.


The aim of the event is to facilitate collaboration, encourage innovation, and support the industry as it moves toward a sustainable and clean energy future.

ANDRITZ is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event. Join us at Clean Currents 2023 at booth 815. We are looking forward to sharing and discussing new ideas, latest trends, best practices, and more within the hydropower industry.

Learn more: www.cleancurrents.org


08/09/2023: ANDRITZ at the T&D World Congress in Sacramento, US

Join us at the T&D World Congress on Sept 12-14, 2023, at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento, CA. At the T&D World Live is a conference where world utility industry experts are meeting up suppliers, manufacturers, and grid experts to discuss grid transformation for an electrified world. The event is designed to bring together not only leading minds in the industry, but also the top decision makers to.


The clean energy transition offers economic and environmental benefits, but it also presents several challenges. The increasing deployment of volatile, renewable electricity generation such as wind and solar can significantly affect the power transmission and distribution grid as well as the quality of the electricity supplied. The electrical energy system is in the transition from a synchronous generator dominated system to an inverter dominated system. Without appropriate measures, this will have a negative impact on grid stability.

New solutions are needed, such as synchronous condensers, the perfect tool to cope with these challenges to maintain the stability of the transmission network. 

At the conference, ANDRITZ’ Product Manager for Synchronous Condenser Systems, Robert Neumann, will make a presentation titled “Energy system transition and power system stability – The renaissance of synchronous condensers” to discuss the possibilities and benefits for TSO’s and plant owners by implementing ANDRITZ synchronous condensers – an optimum, reliable, proven, and cost-effective solution.

If you want to join in these discussions pls. register to the congress here: https://events.tdworld.com/2023/registration We will be happy to meet you there!


06/06/2023: Ontario Waterpower Association’s 2023 Innovation Award

ANDRITZ Hydro Canada and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) are honored to jointly receive the Ontario Waterpower Association’s 2023 Innovation Award for their success in completing an unanticipated and unprecedented replacement of the 100-years old scroll case during the Sir Adam Beck 1 G1 and G2 frequency conversion project. 


The award was presented at the Ontario Gala Dinner at the Power of Water Canada Conference on May 30, 2023 at the White Oaks in Niagara on the Lake. Dave Bonell, Senior Manager Projects at OPG, and Jonathan Rose, System Engineer at ANDRITZ Hydro, have received the award from James Carter, Treasurer of OWA and Vice President, Development & Operations, Regional Power. Both recipients, as well as Mohsen Mirshams, Senior Project Manager at ANDRITZ Hydro, have led the design and implementation efforts with dedicated support from the extended project team.



23/02/2023: ANDRITZ receives major rehabilitation order for Old Hickory hydropower plant, United States

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Nashville District awarded international technology group ANDRITZ a contract for rehabilitation of the turbines and generators at the Old Hickory hydroelectric power plant.

© USACE by Mark Rankin

The 162 MW power plant is located on the Cumberland River in Central Tennessee near the town of Hendersonville. Once fully commissioned, power generation is estimated to be about 565 GWh per year. Commissioning of the first unit is expected in August 2026.

Read more in the Press Release...


28/10/2022: Clean Currents 2022, Sacramento, CA - We were happy to meet you!

With more than 1,600 attendees from 17 countries, more than 30 sponsors, 196 speakers, and 90 educational sessions, the Clean Currents 2022 in Sacramento, California, USA was a very successful event over a whole week from October 18-20, 2022.


The conference encompassed all aspects of waterpower – from conventional hydropower and pumped storage to marine technology to small hydropower. The conference brought together professionals to connect to the international community, to explore latest innovations, discuss solutions, and exchange experiences.

Clean Currents 2022 in Sacramento, California, USA is the only national waterpower tradeshow and conference that NHA (National Hydropower Association) is involved with. 
ANDRITZ was happy to participate as a Megawatt Sponsor for the event and with a booth. We were happy to meet already known friends from the community, but to see also new faces, to exchange with our experiences and know-how of the North American hydropower market.

We were honored to present our product and service portfolio covering all aspects of hydropower, all sizes, and outputs as well as our extensive Operation & Maintenance expertise. Thanks to all our customers and partners for a successful and informative week.


October 2021: ANDRITZ to supply electro-mechanical equipment for Robert S. Kerr hydropower plant, United States 

© Tamara Harding - stock.adobe.com

International technology group ANDRITZ has received a contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Tulsa District for the rehabilitation and upgrade of all four turbines and generators at Robert S. Kerr hydroelectric power plant, located at Arkansas River in Eastern Oklahoma adjacent to the town of Cowlington. The order value is close to 75 million euros. 

Read more in the press release


August 2021: HPP Keystone, USA – Order for generator rehabilitation

ANDRITZ received an order from US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Tulsa District for the rehabilitation of both generators of the Keystone generation station in Oklahoma, USA.

Shot of the Keystone Powerhouse.

© Edward N. Johnson, USACE

The hydropower station is located at the Keystone Lake reservoir in northeastern Oklahoma on the Arkansas and Cimarron rivers, upstream about 23 miles (37 km) from the city of Tulsa. Originally completed in 1968, Keystone Dam and hydropower station primary purposes were flood control, hydroelectric power generation, wildlife management and recreation.

ANDRITZ received the contract for the rehabilitation of the generators including dis/reassembly of the units, removing of the old windings, installing new 13.8 kV bars to replace the existing coils, cleaning, inspecting, testing the core, installing new windings, miscellaneous new supply and refurbishment of electrical components, startup and commissioning, and on-site tests.

The order is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of 2023.

Tulsa District operates and maintains eight hydroelectric power plants, containing a total of 22 units with a generating capacity of 584 MW. Seven of the plants are located within eastern Oklahoma with one located just across the border in Texas. These plants benefit approximately 2 million end users throughout Oklahoma.


June 2021: HPP John Day, USA – Global ANDRITZ Site Safety Award

© iStock - nesneJkraM

The on-site installation team of the John Day turbine upgrade project in USA received the global ANDRITZ Site Safety Award.

On June 8, 2021, Frederic Sauze, Delegated President of the US business entity of ANDRITZ Hydro Corp., together with senior executives from our customer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, presented the ANDRITZ Site Safety Award to the John Day project team. The ANDRITZ safety award has been issued in recognition of the excellent safety performance with an accident free period comprising 115.000 manhours of work at site without any lost time accident. The customer executives also acknowledged this success and reconfirmed that safety is a high priority.

Congratulation to Armando Peña and Javier Di’Mauro, Safety Representatives; John Jackson and Kenneth Sykes, Site Managers; Mark Rusher and Christopher Tuttle, for Quality Control as well as the active participation of our excellent millwright staff: Jamie Morris, Brandon Archibald, Jeff Plaisted, Willie Good, Dean Pierce, Justin Swafford, Joseph Everman, Ryan Sands, Kelly Nigg, Kyle Adams, Jason Miller, Aaron Mains, Samuel Peña, and  Ashley Corum.

The John Day hydropower station is located at the Columbia river on the border between Oregon and Washington. The scope of this project is a runner refurbishment of four units. The work includes unit and runner disassembly, runner inspection, on-site refurbishment and reassembly of Kaplan runners followed by unit reassembly and commissioning. Safety concerns include the management of a hexavalent chromium containment booth for the cavitation repair, working at heights and with scaffolds, confined spaces, on-site rescue team, and all the typical site hazards.

We congratulate the installation team of John Day to this achievement!



April 2021: ANDRITZ to rehabilitate the hydraulic passages at Carillon generating station, Canada

© Hydro-Quebec

International technology Group ANDRITZ has been awarded a contract by Hydro-Québec, Canada, to rehabilitate the hydraulic passages of the Carillon generating station located on the Ottawa River, Canada.

Read more in the press release


November 2020: ANDRITZ to supply electro-mechanical equipment for Barkley hydropower plant, United States


International technology group ANDRITZ has received a contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Nashville District for rehabilitation of the turbines and generators at Barkley hydroelectric power plant (186 MW), located on the Cumberland River in Western Kentucky near the town of Grand Rivers.

Read more in the press release


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