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11/05 2023: ANDRITZ participating in GREDA Conference in Georgia

On April 20th, Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association GREDA organized the “Conference on Obtaining IFI Financing for Renewable Power Plant Projects from International Financial Institutions” in Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi.


Main sponsors of this event were Georgian TBC Bank together with ANDRITZ and VOITH. Around 120 guests representing local developers from the renewable energy sector, IFI’s and local banks’ representatives as well the public sector representatives were attending this conference.

The conference was opened by the keynote addresses Levan Davitashvili – Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and Romeo Mikautadze – First Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

It was a good opportunity to meet a lot of our Georgian clients and partners as well to make contacts with new potential customers. ANDRITZ was joining the first panel and had the chance to present some slides focusing on the typical Project Phases of developed hydropower projects, its important issues and how to address and tackle them.

ANDRITZ Hydro has references in the Georgian market since the 1950’s and has opened in 2013 its Representative Office in Tbilisi. To date, we have installed electromechanical equipment for 16 hydropower plants with 31 units and a total installed capacity of about 360 MW. Currently, ANDRITZ is engaged in ongoing contracts for five HPPs with 11 units and 399 MW.

The total installed capacity in Georgia is 4577 MW, thereof 3367 MW coming from hydropower.The Government of Georgia will further rely on the development of hydropower stations in order to achieve energy independency.


February 2021: HPP Khobi II, Georgia – Complete E&M contract for 48 MW signed


End of 2020, ANDRITZ received an order to supply the electro-mechanical equipment for the 48 MW Khobi II hydropower plant in Georgia.

The project, located 325 km north-west of the capital Tbilisi on the river Khobistskali, has been developed for several years with the owner Georgian Investment Group Energy LLC and finally, PERI LLC came into the project as EPC contractor. PERI LLC is a Georgian company specialized in civil businesses of highway, street and bridge construction as well hydropower plants. Already in 2014, PERI LLC signed an EPC contract for the hydropower plant Dariali (3 x 37 MW), for which ANDRITZ Hydro supplied the complete “from water-to-wire” solution.

The contract for Khobi II is a turnkey E&M contract. The scope of the contract comprises two generating units with a capacity of 24 MW each including vertical, six-jets Pelton turbines, butterfly inlet valves, synchronous generators, cooling water system, full automation and electrical power systems incl. generator step up transformers and the 220 kV high voltage switchyard. Installation and commissioning of the entire equipment is rounding out the contract. The project will be executed by ANDRITZ Hydro locations in Turkey, Germany and India.

The award of this order is another success of ANDRITZ in Georgia, showing our high competence and quality in the Compact Hydro segment.

Technical data:
Total output: 2 x 24 MW
Head: 251.60 m
Speed: 375 rpm
Runner diameter: 1690 mm


December 2020: HPP Chiora, Georgia – Complete E&M contract for 17 MW


ANDRITZ Hydro received a contract by Chiora LLC for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment for the new 17-MW Chiora hydropower plant in Georgia. Chiora LLC is an industrial holding with a diversified portfolio including businesses in agriculture, real estate and wine production. Since 2015, the company is also active in the hydropower generation business.

The studies to build a new hydropower plant called “Chiora HPP” were started back in 2017. Given our strong position and local presence in the Georgian market, Chiora Hesi LLC engaged discussions with ANDRITZ at a very early stage of the project development. ANDRITZ fully supported the customer’s efforts with technical solutions and proposals, which at the end lead us to be awarded with the final contract of electro-mechanical supply.

The scope of the contract comprises two vertical 8.5-MW Pelton units including turbines, butterfly inlet valves, synchronous generators, cooling water system, automation and complete electrical power systems up to the step-up transformer. Installation and commissioning of the entire equipment are completing the order.

The contract will be executed by ANDRITZ Hydro Turkey and ANDRITZ Hydro Germany.

This order is another success of ANDRITZ showing its competences and quality in the small hydropower segment.

Technical Details

Total output:
Head:2 x 8.5 MW
Speed:500 rpm
Runner diameter:1,245 mm

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