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Apprenticeship: Electrical machinery technician

We combine passion with career

Are you interested in our large machines and plants and in projects all over the world?
Then make a flying start with an apprenticeship at ANDRITZ!


Are you interested?

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Your work

As an electrical machinery technician, you will install electrical machines and systems, start them
up and carry out maintenance and repair work. You will make windings and coils for generators.
You will assemble mechanical, electrical/electronic, pneumatic/hydraulic and IT components. You
will troubleshoot faults, find solutions and remedy the faults.

Your skills will be used in energy generation, energy conversion, or in testing and control technology.

Our apprenticeships:


What you will learn here

  • How mechatronic devices and machines work and how to operate them
  • Setting up, starting up and checking mechatronic devices and machines according to instructions and drawings
  • Electrical engineering and electrical measuring technology
  • Machining of materials, e.g. by simple turning or milling
  • Applying all relevant safety regulations for assembly and operation of electrical machinery
  • Making and installing electrical windings for high-voltage machinery and generators

You will be trained in our state-certified apprentice training center, which has its own training workshops and classrooms, in our production facilities and at vocational school. As a special benefit, we offer our future skilled workers the opportunity to gain additional qualifications during their apprenticeships, such as a crane-driver’s license, training to become a safety officer, or welding and hard-annealing qualifications according to international standards.

The monthly apprenticeship pay amounts to € (1.5.2022):

I - Without "Matura"


II - With "Matura"

1st year of apprenticeship


1st year of apprenticeship


2nd year of apprenticeship     


2nd year of apprenticeship     


3rd year of apprenticeship


3rd year of apprenticeship


4th year of apprenticeship


4th year of apprenticeship