Safety engineering center in Weiz

ANDRITZ Hydro is your competent partner for all questions concerning occupational safety. .

Safety concepts are developed individually to meet customers’ requirements.

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The ANDRITZ Hydro safety engineering team provides assistance in all matters related to employee protection. With our many years of experience, we offer professional and practical support to customers in the areas of safety and health through proven, economically viable solutions. Since its formation in 1997, the safety engineering center in Weiz has served over 170 establishments (companies, schools, communities) at over 400 locations all over Austria as its customers.

Courses offered by the ANDRITZ HYDRO safety engineering center range from crane and forklift driver's licenses to the training of safety representatives.

The ANDRITZ HYDRO safety engineering center conducts various measurements, on noise, climate and pollutant levels for example.

Das umfassende Dienstleistungsangebot des Sicherheitstechnischen Zentrums

  • Sicherheitstechnische Betreuung (Beratung)
  • Kurse und Schulungen (Kran- und Staplerführerschein, Autoladekranführerschein, Autokranführerschein)
  • Arbeitsplatzevaluierungen
  • Maschinenrisikoanalysen
  • Abwicklung von Behördengenehmigungsverfahren
  • Wiederkehrende Überprüfungen (Kran, Stapler, Tore)
  • Explosionsschutzdokumente
  • Chemikalien- und Gefahrstoffbewertungen
  • Messungen (zB Lärmmessungen, Klimamessungen, Schadstoffmessungen)
  • Abfallwirtschaftskonzept
  • Beratung bei Investitionen (Vor-Invest-Management)

Apprentice training center in Weiz

ANDRITZ Hydro offers a high-quality training program with the best knowledge for a successful future.

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ANDRITZ HYDRO in Weiz is home to the global research and competence center for hydro and turbo generators.

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