Assembly hall in Linz - Delivery of first hydrogen-cooled turbogenerator from Linz, Austria

In January 2014, the first hydrogen-cooled turbogenerator, successfully assembled and tested was delivered by ANDRITZ HYDRO.

Opening of assembly hall in Linz, Austria

This machine successfully performed a first piece qualification test program, which is a precondition for future serial production. Core components such as stator sheets, stator bars, as well as the finished rotor were manufactured in the main ANDRITZ HYDRO generator shop in Weiz, Austria. After their transportation to the new assembly and test shop in Linz, Austria, core stacking, stator winding, generator assembly and running tests followed. In parallel, engineering, manufacturing, and component qualification of this first unit was conducted. This short cycle was enabled by successful project management, close monitoring of all project steps and good between the specialists of ANDRITZ HYDRO and its partners.

Assembly hall in Linz

Beside our established generator shops in Weiz, Austria, and Bhopal, India, the assembly hall in Linz, Austria, is ANDRITZ HYDRO’s third turbogenerator factory. It was officially inaugurated in July 2014. Until recently, ANDRITZ HYDRO concentrated on turbogenerators with a low and medium output range from  around 7 MVA to 200 MVA. With the direct access from the new assembly hall to the heavy duty port on the Traun/Danube River it is now possible to deliver larger generators with a maximum weight of 800 tons.

The assembly shop will be used for stacking and winding of stators, as well as final assembly of heavy generators. Furthermore it is equipped with a prototype test field.

This new investment marks an important milestone for ANDRITZ HYDRO, helping to expand the turbogenerator product range and therefore the ability to offer the best possible solution to our customers.

Technical data


Hydrogen cooled turbogenerator


Output:350 MVA                                  
Voltage:15.75 kV
Weight:285 tons

Transport of turbogenerator from the assembly hall in Linz, Austria

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