Austria - Grünsee and Greith

In early March 2015, the 811 kW turbine at Grünsee hydropower plant was officially commissioned and started commercial operation.

Less than a year earlier, in July 2014, ANDRITZ HYDRO received a contract from KW Grünsee GmbH to supply a vertical, six-nozzle Pelton unit for HPP Grünsee in the province of Styria.

In August 2014, ANDRITZ HYDRO received an order from Greither Wasserkraft GmbH for the delivery and installation of a horizontal, three-nozzle Pelton turbine at HPP Greith located in the neighbor valley of HPP Grünsee. The equipment was put into operation at the end of August 2015.

Both schemes are run-of-river power plants with intakes equipped with Coanda screens and penstocks made of GRP-pipe. The Pelton turbines are equipped with butterfly inlet valves and are connected to 400 V generators.

Technical data



Output:811 kW
Head:80.1 m
Speed:500 rpm
Runner diameter:705 mm



Output:353 kW
Head:150.9 m
Speed:1,000 rpm
Runner diameter:500 mm
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