Montenegro - Bistrica

In May 2015, ANDRITZ HYDRO received a contract from SISTEM-MNE D.O.O. for the delivery of two small power generating units for the Bistrica hydropower plant in Montenegro.

ANDRITZ HYDRO will supply two 1.8 MW Francis turbines and synchronous generators together with all necessary equipment, including automation, protection, auxiliary supply system, and medium voltage system.

During the contract evaluations ANDRITZ HYDRO offered the most economical solution while ensuring a maximum level of security, taking into account specific conditions. The penstock is quite long, thus significant water hammer can occur during transients, which can create serious damage. ANDRITZ HYDRO’s hydraulic department conducted extensive transient calculations and could accurately determine the necessary safety equipment, which was decisive in winning the contract.

The start of commercial operation of HPP Bistrica is scheduled for March 2016. With this contract ANDRITZ HYDRO is further developing its Mini Compact Hydro solutions in southern Europe.

Technical data

Output:2 x 1.8 MW
Head:95.5 m
Speed:1,000 rpm
Runner diameter:572 mm
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