Canada - Ear Falls Generating Station

In May 2015, ANDRITZ HYDRO received a contract from GDB Constructeurs for the modernization of Ear Falls Generating Station in Canada.

The Ear Falls Generating Station is located on the English River at the outlet of Lac Seul Dam, about 215 km northeast of Kenora, Ontario.

The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario constructed the Lac Seul Dam in 1929 and included 20 sluiceway openings. It was initially constructed to regulate the waters of the English and Winnipeg rivers. Starting in 1930 and finishing in 1948, sluiceways 13 – 20 were converted to generator intakes. The run-of-river power plant was built to provide power for the local mining industry. Each unit consists of two intake gates – units #1 and #2 are identical as are units #3 and #4. The turbines have an output of 5.59 MW and the generators are rated for 6 MVA.

The scope of supply for ANDRITZ HYDRO includes design, supply, installation, and commissioning of eight intake gates, embedded parts and hoists.

The project is scheduled for four consecutive years. Final commissioning is due to take place in September 2018.

Technical data

Gate weight:9.1 tons
Sill to deck evaluation:11.6 m
Hoist capacity:18.2 tons
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