A Glimpse at O&M Digitalization Projects

An important step forward
PresAGHO (9,000 MW) South America

South America, Enel PresAHGO | 9,900 MW

ANDRITZ Hydro has been awarded a long-term O&M contract for the ­PresAGHO digital platform used by ENEL Green Power. The contract includes implementing predictive maintenance and digital services at ENEL’s hydro fleet across Latin America in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Applied to 44 hydro power plants, each with a rated capacity above 50 MW, the contract covers a total installed capacity of around 9,900 MW.

These services will set forth a game-changing review of O&M concepts and strategies, fostering a switch from a preventive approach to a truly predictive one.

A significant portion of the project will focus on the Metris-DiOMera digital platform, which will be installed in the ENEL cloud and connected to the hydro plants through a large database. The platform will monitor, manage and analyze the facilities’ data in order to predict plant behavior and anticipate critical issues and help to increase performance.

A Milestone in Innovative O&M Approaches
Cerro Del Águila, Peru

Peru, Cerro Del Águila | 500 MW

Cerro del Águila HPP was commissioned in 2016. During the warranty period and beyond, ANDRITZ Hydro was able to keep in contact with the owner and support them through remote assistance. This site support helps in dealing with minor troubleshooting and supports the transfer of solutions which generate added value for the client.

Under the long-term O&M contract, ANDRITZ Hydro is providing a Metris DiOMera platform and all related services. The ANDRITZ Hydro “Smart Spares” concept has been specified by the customer. This forecasts the delivery of a selected volume of spares which is kept available at the Cerro del Águila site and is available to be used on demand by means of an innovative “Use and Stock” mechanism.

The most relevant aspect of this O&M agreement is the implementation of an “Integrated Maintenance” concept. It helps to forecast rehabilitation works for major components such as all the plant units, valves and so on. It includes both major and minor rehabilitation works as well as repairs for worn components.

For the first time in the hydropower business, this new model provides a guarantee for defined key performance indicators in the period between major service intervals. ANDRITZ Hydro guarantees core client KPIs like annual water availability under well-defined and measured constraints such as limits on operations, sediment contents and so on. Digitalization is the key enabler for this new concept.

More projects

Canada, Montrose | 88 MW

Chile, Blanco | 60 MW

Colombia, La Insula | 18 MW

Peru, Santa Teresa | 104 MW

Italy, ACEA | 45 MW

Switzerland, La Batiaz | 140 MW

Italy, Gropello | 1MW

India, Testa III | 1,200 MW

Indonesia, Cianten | 19 MW

Germany, Goldistahl | 1,060 MW

Norway, Lysebotn | 370 MW

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Author: Mario Arquilla, Elisabetta De Lai

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