Laúca, Angola

Further milestones achieved

July 2019: The 72-hour reliability run of unit #5 at the Laúca HPP in Angola was successfully completed and the PAC (Preliminary Acceptance Certificate) for unit #4 was issued.

The scope of supply for ANDRITZ Hydro includes design, supply, installation supervision, and commissioning of the Francis turbines, generators, main transformers, isolated bus ducts, as well as control and protection systems. The security, access control and telecommunication systems for both the main and eco powerhouses are also included within the scope of supply.

All units are scheduled to be completed and in commercial operation in 2020.

With a total capacity of 2,070 MW, Laúca will produce approximately 8,600 GWh of renewable energy per year, enough to supply about 8 million Angolan households, making a significant contribution to the rapidly growing demand of the country.

As Angola is a fast growing economy, the demand for electricity is constantly increasing. Laúca is an important step to improve the country's energy supply.

Technical Details:

Total output:2,070 MW 
Scope:6 × 338 MW (Main) / 1 × 42 MW (Eco)
Head:200 m (Main) / 118 m (Eco)
Voltage:6 × 18 kV (Main) / 1 × 15 kV (Eco)
Speed:200 rpm (Main) / 233.77 rpm (Eco)
Runner diameter:diameter: 4,790 mm (Main) / 3,220 mm (Eco)
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