Embracing Digital Age with ANDRITZ Hydro Customer Care

Enhancing worldwide service quality with modern technology

Many hydropower plants around the globe are located in remote areas. If customers are facing operational difficulties, this remoteness inevitably poses a challenge for service and maintenance in terms of reaction time.


Being apart - working together

In the event of a breakdown or other failure, rapid troubleshooting at a hydropower plant is one of the most important benefits for any hydropower plant operator. Currently, tasks in remote areas are typically associated with extended travel times for expert maintenance teams to reach the power plant adding costs and typically extending outages.

To address this industry challenge and deliver an extremely rapid first assessment, ANDRITZ Hydro has developed a technical solution establishing synergies between on-site employees and plant operators and owners, as well as technical experts at potentially distant ANDRITZ Hydro expert locations. Without being physically present, our deeply experienced team can deliver an immediate first impression with guidance on the root cause and advice on the course of action. This enables even the farthest flung hydro plant operator to benefit from the expertise of a dedicated engineering knowledge base. By quickly accessing that core knowledge, this solution delivers a significant enhancement to the quality of ANDRITZ Hydro service in terms of both time and costs.


MAVIS – Mobile Audio
Visual Support in System

MAViS combines different technologies to support bidirectional audio-visual communication via mobile / internet systems with people on-site and ANDRITZ Hydro experts. The MAViS kit fits in one carry case and enables direct contact with an expert team of ANDRITZ Hydro with on-site staff. The two parties could be located in different countries or continents but are able to clarify questions in real time, take advice on-site via video conference, and be guided – via communication and visualization – through the entire fault-finding process if necessary.

Customer benefits include an extremely rapid solution for fault diagnostics, saving both downtime and additional travel expenses. ANDRITZ benefits too. Onsite appearance of experts is only necessary where very serious or complex problems have developed which cannot be addressed remotely. The result is a win-win, low-cost and easy-to-deploy solution.

The MAViS development team is located in Weiz and Vienna, Austria, and combines the expertise of our service business and IT specialists. MAViS 3.0 is now in the final testing phase and will be available soon for worldwide commercial use. MAViS will be available as a service package with expert support, including rental of the necessary equipment.

Author: Iris Egger

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