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Project successful completed and PAC received

Icelandic utility Landsvirkjun has awarded a contract to ANDRITZ Hydro for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment and control systems for the Búrfell Extension hydropower station in Iceland in 2016.

Located about 130 km east of Reykjavík, the existing Búrfell hydropower plant has been operating continuously since 1969. It is equipped with six Francis units (total output 270 MW) and providing 2,300 GWh of electrical energy annually to the national grid. Until the inauguration of HPP Kárahnjúkar in 2007, it was the largest hydropower plant in the country.

The HPP Búrfell Extension project is located about 2 km from HPP Búrfell at the foot of the Sámsstaðaklif depression (and connects to the same water reservoir). A 110 MW Francis turbine was installed in a new underground powerhouse. This new unit is increasing the total capacity of the combined Búrfell hydropower stations by 300 GWh per year.

The first mechanical works on site began already in December 2016 with the installation of the powerhouse cranes. The following installation steps were very challenging, as the overall project schedule was very tight and high effort had to be put in the coordination with other contractors to enable parallel works. The installation of the generator as well as the electrical systems started by end of 2017 and had to be completed in short time. Factors like limited space and extreme weather conditions were expertly dealt with.

ANDRITZ Hydro Germany delivered the Francis turbine, the powerhouse cranes and the turbine subsystems. ANDRITZ Hydro Austria was responsible for the Electrical Power Systems (EPS), the control and protection systems, as well as the generator.

The international team completed the works in short time.
After the trial run was accomplished the project was successfully closed and the Taking Over Certificate recveived.

We have a long time relationship with the customer Landsvirkjun in Iceland. We have already delivered the hydro-mechanical equipment for the hydropower plants Sultartangi and Karahnjukar, which were both very important projects. The successful completion of this important project in time is again proof of our professional project management and our highly motivated teams. 


Maximum total output: 1 x 110 MW 
Head: 119 m
Speed: 230 rpm
Diameter: 3,190 mm

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