Intermediate & Khaw - Jordan

ANDRITZ HYDRO signed a contract with Fayat Energie Services International (FESI) for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment for two small hydropower plants in Jordan in June 2016.

FESI is involved in the construction of a 35 km-long water transmission pipeline, the so-called “Abu Alanda-Khaw Pipeline”, providing drinkable water to the capital city of Amman. This pipeline will allow the transfer of about 30 Mm3 of water per year. Along this pipeline two hydropower plants - HPP Intermediate and HPP Khaw - will be installed, each equipped with one unit of 1,320 kW and 897 kW, respectively.

ANDRITZ HYDRO will supply vertical Pelton turbines, generators, inlet valves and hydraulic power units. Commissioning is scheduled for mid-2017.

The experience of ANDRITZ HYDRO in the field of drinking water supply technology together with the management of a transient calculation due to the very long penstocks, have been key factors in the awarding of this contract.




Output1,320 kW
Head164 m
Speed750 rpm
Runner diameter670 mm



Output897 kW
Head168 m
Speed750 rpm
Runner diameter660 mm
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