Deriner - New equipment for an underground powerhouse in Turkey

As a member of five consortium partners Hydro Vevey Ltd., formerly Sulzer Hydro Ltd., awarded a contract for Deriner hydropower station with commencement on 8 January 1998 to ANDRITZ HYDRO.

With great pride, after 15 years of contract execution phase and huge civil engineering delays, in July 2013, ANDRITZ HYDRO received a Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) for three units from the General Directorate of the State Hydraulic Works. DSI is the primary executive state agency of Turkey and responsible for planning, managing, execution and operation of the nation’s overall water resources.

HPP Deriner is located on the lower course of the Çoruh River in northeastern Turkey, upstream of the completed HPP’s Muratli and HPP Borçka. It is part of the Çoruh River regulation plan that shall include 10 dams. With a high of 249 m the Deriner dam is the highest one in Turkey and the sixth highest dam in the world.

The underground powerhouse complex, which has been excavated on the right bank of the Çoruh River at a depth of approximately 100 m, has a width of 20 m, a length of 126 m and a height of 45 m. The scope of supply from ANDRITZ HYDRO included four vertical Francis units with an installed production capacity of 670 MW, four 3,600 mm inlet valves, turbine governors, various cranes and auxiliary equipment.

HPP Deriner’s annual electrical generation of 2,118 GWh will cover approximately 1.1% of the total energy production in Turkey. Politically, this project got more and more interesting as finally the president of Turkey, Mr. Abdullah Gül, visited the Deriner hydropower station on 13 June 2013.

The last PAC was signed by DSI in October 2013.

Technical data

Output:4 x 170.8 MW               
Head:198 m
Speed:200 rpm
Runner diameter:4,365 mm
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