Austria - Illspitz

In June 2012, the consortium consisting of ANDRITZ HYDRO Germany and ELIN Motoren GmbH Austria was awarded with the contract for the supply of the complete electromechanical equipment for HPP Illspitz.

HPP Illspitz

In the state of Vorarlberg, right above the junction of the rivers Ill and Rhine the public utility Feldkirch established an additional hydropower station and thereby will accomplish a duplication of their own power production out of the renewable energy source water power. At the same time, numerous of ecological accompanying measurements were implemented with the entire project, such as remuneration, groundwater enrichment, renaturation as well as two upstream and one downstream fish migration passages. The scope of supply for ANDRITZ HYDRO comprises two Compact bulb turbines with a 2,850 mm runner diameter each. Part of the project includes the two governors, respectively oil bearing units, a large electrical infrastructure, turbine and generator control cubicle, the remote control cubicle, a water level control cubicle and an uninterrupted power supply unit with 24 VDC. The start of the commercial operation is scheduled for summer 2014.

Technical data

Output (approx.):2 x 3.6 MW
Head:8.9 m
Speed:157.9 rpm
Runner diameter: 2 x 2,850 mm                       
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