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ANDRITZ Metals: Image video, including example of automotive industry


Processing Lines

Continuous Galvanizing Lines for lastest AHSS

Continuous Galvanizing Lines for AHSS

Carbon Steel Pickling and Acid Management

Continuous Pickling and Galvanizing Lines


PYROMARS "Mixed acid regeneration plants"

ZEMAP (Zero Effluent Mixed Acid Pickling) process: rinse water treatment.

Continuous annealing and processing lines for aluminum

ANDRITZ – The technology partner of Rizhao Steel

Acid regeneration plants

Rolling Mills

Assembly and testing of a 20-High Rolling Mill

Advanced S6-high technology for cold rolling

S6-high rolling mill technology for AHSS

Sundwig MonoBlock

Inline Skin Pass Mills for carbon steel applications


Combustion system and precast refractory parts for industrial furnaces

Aluminium round top charge melter and tilting holder



Digital Solutions

Metris XR

Advanced Furnace Control

shape:tronic System VIRTUAL REALITY Training