Metris - ANDRITZ Digital Solutions

Digitalization is changing the industrial world

ANDRITZ has decided to pool its many years of experience in the plant business to develop smart, attractive and seamlessly integrated solutions for existing and new plants under the brand Metris.


Classic Automation

Distributed control system (DCS)​, Motors & drives (MMD)​, Automation, Electrification, Instrumentation (AEI)

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Digital Solutions / Advanced Automation

Asset Performance & Maintenance management​, Process analytics & Production information

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Advanced Performance Services

Production optimization (OPP)​, Performance Center & 24/7 Hotline​, Cyber security services

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The Metris competence

ANDRITZ offers a broad and constantly growing range of innovative products and services in the industrial digitalization sector under the brand name Metris - ANDRITZ Digital Solution, helping customers to

  • Enhance plant efficiency and profitability
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Achieve constant and highest product quality
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Strive autonomous operation of their plants
  • Maximize user-friendliness

Metris UX Platform

Added value with the newly developed Metris UX Platform.

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Industry solutions

Explore Metris products and solutions for a wide range of industries.

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Success Stories

Find a selection of some success stories, recent projects and press releases below.

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Metris - ANDRITZ Digital Solutions
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