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To provide a comprehensive overview of functionalities for partial or full implementation and use, the main system features of ANDRITZ's Metris UX digitalization platform are summarized in four categories:

  • Asset Performance and Maintenance Management
  • Process Analytics and Production Information
  • Process Optimization
  • Production Management

Asset Performance and Maintenance Management

Healthy production facility assets are the foundation of a company’s strength and productivity. The goal of
introducing Asset Performance Management (APM) is to significantly improve the reliability and availability of physical assets while minimizing risk and operating costs. The Metris UX digitalization platform can extend the scope of automation across a plant-wide production system.
This enables the platform to provide plant efficiency monitoring and decision-making assistance, backed by the platform’s fit with the guidelines and policy of the standard ISO 55001 Asset Management.


Process Analytics and Production Information

Process Analytics and Production Information are methods of analysis and information aggregation that support production activities and gather the relevant information necessary to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a process and assess how well the process achieves its end goal.

Plant operations and maintenance typically generate vast quantities of structured and unstructured data. Operators, engineers and other stakeholders must have timely access to information necessary for decision making. Visualizing the process with standard methods like HMI is not always sufficient. Process Analytics and Production Information are set up to visualize all plant data, events, and correlations.

Metris UX provides tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions to connect and visualize data as needed in real time. Mechanisms for search and pattern detection are available and can be connected to provide predictive information for processes and equipment.


Process Optimization

Optimization, in a nutshell, is the ability to produce the best product at the lowest cost every hour of the day based on the current realities, constraints, and opportunities. Automation plays a critical role in achieving optimal performance and results that meet or exceed expectations.

Metris analytical software collects system information from each control loop, control valve, and motor, as well as all variables in the process. Sophisticated signal processing and statistical tools in the software identify control loops and assets that are not performing optimally and predict the economic impact this will have on the process.


Production Management

With features ranging from tools that collect, monitor and analyse current and historical data to applications that support decision making, Production Management with the Metris platform represents the most complete automation and optimization environment. Metris Production Management deals with all balances (e.g. mass, energy, steam, chemicals) across a plant or mill that can be either simulated or optimized.

This can include setpoint adjustments, which are often necessary to keep processes operating within specified limits, as well as other tasks regularly tracked by operators. Rather than track each aspect of production separately (the traditional approach), Metris Production Management takes a holistic approach and sets targets that optimize all areas of production simultaneously.


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