Metris success stories and news

ANDRITZ Automation has supplied many digital automation solutions for various kinds of process industries.

Find a selection of some success stories, recent projects and press releases below.

Success stories

Suzano Imperatriz
Ash Leaching Control and the Sticky Point monitoring system

The result of a long-standing partnership that has accompanied the Imperatriz plant since its inception, ANDRITZ and Suzano were responsible for implementing the boiler monitoring and optimization system.

Data analysis and advanced controls to generate digester kappa stability

Data analysis and advanced controls to generate digester kappa stability

Implementation of advanced controls for Suzano Aracruz' Lime Kiln to reduce gas consumption

A partnership between ANDRITZ and Suzano Aracruz reduces the specific consumption of Natural Gas (NG) through the implementation of advanced controls for the lime kiln.

Advanced controls increase the stability of drying machines at Eldorado Brazil mill

Advanced OPP controls optimized process variations in Eldorado Brasil's industrial mill, generating greater operational stability, availability of drying machines and, consequently, an increase in average production.

Unidade Jacareí_1
Metris OPP optimizes Suzano Jacareí's digester and generates greater stability in the process

Suzano's Jacareí Mill saw the cooking process being standardized with Metris OPP. Learn how ANDRITZ's advanced controls were able to reduce the standard deviation of the Kappa number and to increase pulp mill productivity.

Unit Imperatriz
Suzano increases availability in Drying with intelligent control in partnership with ANDRITZ

Understand how the partnership with ANDRITZ has contributed to advancing the pulp mill's digital transformation process.

Electrical system supply of the new Coalspur mine in Hinton, Alberta, Canada

ANDRITZ worked with Coalspur to prioritize and fast track key equipment acquisitions and delivery, expediting the engineering process to ensure that Coalspur‘s construction schedule was met. ANDRITZ designed and developed 12 prefabricated electrical houses (E-houses) furnished with VFDs, MCCs, PLC panels, HVAC and fire suppression.

Suzano optimizes the evaporation process in partnership with ANDRITZ

Learn about this history of one of Suzano's Units in São Paulo that has generated significant savings in the plant's evaporation process by using ANDRITZ's Metris UX technology for digital transformation of its processes.

Artboard Copy 13
Does digitalization make production more efficient?

Plant start-ups can be outsourced with ANDRITZ Digital Solutions.

Artboard Copy 14
How to make intelligent & efficient use of data?

Metris DryQ, an innovative system for pulp drying, analyzes data, links experts and derives improvements.

Picture this: Critical data from live feed in the recovery boiler

ANDRITZ has utilized visual technology, combined it with the latest in digitization methods and created the Metris AVA Recovery Boiler Toolbox, designed to revolutionize the monitoring and managing of critical boiler operations and activities.

Planning ahead with Industry 4.0

It´s all about the data

Metris Vibe - a health check for your plant

To avoid unplanned plant shutdowns, it is important to know at an early stage when vital components need to be replaced or maintained. Condition monitoring enables operators to work proactively and keep shutdown time to a minimum.

Smart bleaching = Major chemical savings

Suzano Imperatriz, located in Maranhão, northern Brazil, is one of the new breed of giant pulp mills. The mill has recently undergone a number of improvements including the implementation of a smart bleaching system from ANDRITZ that is making a real difference when it comes to chemical consumption.

Montes del Plata: Strengthening drying line performance

Running a pulp mill successfully requires that all processes, technology, and equipment work in harmony across the entire system with the whole chain being only as strong as its weakest link. Metris DryQ™ is the new intelligent solution from ANDRITZ, designed for monitoring data from drying systems, helping to strengthen a vital link in the production chain to optimize the drying performance.

Metris X hand
How do you control industrial plants and entire factories or mills very efficiently?

ANDRITZ has developed its own DCS (Distributed Control System), a control and PLC system based on the latest technology, and is thus driving its digitalization strategy systematically forward.

A better way to boost screen performance

An innovative concept – ANDRITZ Screen Booster – helps any mill upgrade the performance of its Screen Room. The Booster modules – Basket, Bearing Unit, Rotor, and Dilution Rotor – were created to enhance any of four critical components in a screening system. Any one, or all, of these upgrades can be easily installed on a screen as needed, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

Gaining your Automation Independence

Customers confide in us that a major source of pain is being locked into a single automation supplier with a control system that cannot be easily upgraded. Why can’t it be like their smartphone with an App Store where they can download and add functions with ease?

Heap of gold ore
Digital gold

In the largest gold mine in the eastern USA, the ANDRITZ Digital Twin technology is being used to optimize many facets of the gold mining process.

Foresee digitally with Metris

A portfolio of ANDRITZ digital solutions.

Metris OPP

Imagine the ability to produce the best product at the lowest cost every hour of the day – that is optimization in a nutshell.

Automation: Metris condition monitoring

We are living in a century where digital devices monitor every move and our own mobile devices know everything about us – where we go, what we do, our health status, and much more. The data available on our lives transfers mobile phones into our private assistants and supports us in many endeavors with helpful functions and hints. Industries are being enabled in a similar way to monitor and control all assets and plants and improve performance in an effort to achieve perfection.

Turning a shutdown into a pitstop

Just like super-fast pit stops in Grand Prix Formula One racing, ANDRITZ has been concentrating on helping customers to minimize shutdown times, utilizing its Metris OPP platform. The dedicated Metris Planning App is integrated into the platform and is already achieving remarkable results in shutdown efficiencies.


ANDRITZ and OTORIO: a perfect combination for ensuring safe digital growth

IDEAS Digital Twin in Process Industries

The improvement in accuracy has made simulation a fundamental predictive and diagnostic tool in process industries.

Automation: Enhanced. Embedded. Eco-friendly.

A totally integrated automation solution for tissue producers is on display at the PrimeLine Tissue Innovation and Applications Center in Graz.

Automation MobileApps: Information in the palm of your hand

Mobile capabilities of the Metris Platform can be scaled to the information needs of each customer.

Automation: Metris Augmented Reality Glasses

Foresee digitally – enhanced potential for interactive operation and maintenance

Current press releases

Trinity Touch and ANDRITZ project team
ANDRITZ and Trinity Touch team up to make solar power plants more secure and efficient

International technology group ANDRITZ and Trinity Touch Pvt. Ltd., a market leader in electrical monitoring solutions for utility-scale solar power plants, have entered into a strategic partnership to enhance efficiency and security in the solar power sector.

ANDRITZ invites to “TissueTalk” webinar: competitive edge in tissue production through digitalization and AI

ANDRITZ automation and digitalization experts invite you to join them for a webinar to dive into the future of tissue production – from cutting-edge operational methodologies to artificial intelligence for a more efficient, sustainable, and autonomous tissue production.

ANDRITZ collaborates with Microsoft to drive innovation in the manufacturing industry

International technology group ANDRITZ is collaborating with Microsoft to co-innovate the future of the process industry by enabling fully autonomous factories and by creating a trusted data ecosystem based on the ANDRITZ Metris digital platform and Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

ANDRITZ launches new intelligent instrument portfolio at Pulp & Beyond in Helsinki

International technology group ANDRITZ is responding to the pulp and paper producers’ need to meet their process efficiency and environmental sustainability targets by launching a portfolio of intelligent instruments called the Smart Series at the Pulp & Beyond exhibition in Helsinki on April 11.

ANDRITZ wins 2024 Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award

International technology group ANDRITZ is the winner of the 2024 Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award in the category “Disrupt!”, which recognizes solutions that have the potential to fundamentally transform value chains.

ANDRITZ Feed Biofuel Automation Digitalization
ANDRITZ introduces comprehensive automation & digitalization solutions for the feed industry

Drawing on its group-wide expertise and experience, ANDRITZ is introducing a comprehensive portfolio of automation and digitalization solutions for the feed industry under its Metris digital platform.

ANDRITZ and Powerhouse Controls team up to modernize paper machine drive systems in North America

International technology group ANDRITZ and Powerhouse Controls, a leading provider of drive systems, have entered into a partnership to address the need of North American paper mills to modernize their paper machine drive systems while minimizing production downtime.

ANDRITZ complements its process control product portfolio by acquiring NAF valve business

International technology group ANDRITZ has signed an agreement with Flowserve Corporation based in Texas, USA, to take over its NAF AB business.

ANDRITZ starts up extra-wide carding machine for Italian nonwovens producer

International technology group ANDRITZ has successfully started up the new carding machine and opening/blending line it delivered to Albis in Roasio, Vercelli, Italy.

Metris UX Platform
Lotus Teknik Tekstil invests in ANDRITZ Metris All-In-One digitalization platform for its new nonwovens line

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Lotus Teknik Tekstil A.Ş., Türkiye, to install a Metris All-In-One digitalization platform for its new WetlaceTM CP nonwovens production line from ANDRITZ.

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