New ANDRITZ textile recycling line at Nouvelles Fibres Textiles

Historic milestone: Most modern textile recycling line in France inaugurated at Nouvelles Fibres Textiles (NFT)

There is no question that this was the talk of the town: Nouvelles Fibres opened its latest textile recycling line including sorting equipment, which of course comes from ANDRITZ, with a gala event on November 30, 2023.


Press Release

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"First automated textile waste sorting and recycling line in France inaugurated"

ANDRITZ Textile Recycling with automated sorting

The new ANDRITZ Textile Recycling line at Nouvelle Fibres Textiles in Amplepuis in France, about an hour's drive west of the Lyon metropolitan area, is one of the most modern in Europe. This plant is an important contribution to overcoming the challenges in textile recycling in Europe in the coming years. According to EU plans, textile products should consist of a large proportion of recycled fibers by 2030 and the incineration of used textiles should be reduced to a minimum. The automated sorting system within the plant represents a milestone in the development of such recycling lines. It can be sorted by color and texture, for example, which makes further processing into new textile products significantly more efficient.

Unsorted textiles before processing


Sorted textile fibers after recycling process


Picture gallery grand opening at Nouvelle Fibres Textiles