History of ANDRITZ Küsters

The company’s history begins with the production of textile machinery by Eduard Küsters in 1949, and continues through its acquisition by ANDRITZ and the integration of Rollteck in 2011.

ANDRITZ Küsters is now part of the Paper Technology Division in the ANDRITZ GROUP, and includes the formerly acquired companies BMB and Rollteck.

2011ANDRITZ Rollteck is integrated into ANDRITZ Küsters GmbH
2009Rollteck becomes part of the ANDRITZ GROUP
2006Acquisition of Küsters by ANDRITZ AG; creation of ANDRITZ Küsters
2005Jagenberg AG takes over Küsters
2002             Küsters takes over the textile and nonwoven calender business of KKA Kleinewefers.
2000Reorganization: creation of divisions for textiles, nonwovens, and paper Rollteck Winding Technology is established
1998Development of the arcus winder
1997Joint Venture Küsters Beloit
1974 Foundation of Küsters Corporation in Spartanburg, SC, in the United States
1970Installation of first center winder
1961First implementation of the Swimming Roll on a paper machine
1956First patent on the Küsters Swimming Roll
1953Founding of Eduard Küsters Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
1949A development location for textile machinery is established in Krefeld, Germany, by Eduard Küsters.