Metris Vibe - Condition Monitoring

Integrative solution for Condition Monitoring

Metris Vibe is a wireless vibration and temperature sensor for periodically monitoring the health status of mechanical equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. It provides data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) either to a mobile device or an industrial gateway that is connected to the Metris UX digitalization platform. This platform combines a complete set of functionalities for professional production management, simulation and optimization.

Predictive maintenance

By providing meaningful information on the respective assets, the sensor can be used to increase productivity, efficiency, and reliability or even plan outages to better advantage for overall operations. Proper maintenance performed at the right time increases the lifetime of an asset and lowers the overall investment required.

By transmitting the acquired vibration raw data instead of just predefined characteristic values, Metris Vibe offers the opportunity of sophisticated vibration analysis even for vibration experts.


Metris Vibe with ATEX certification or with an exchangeable battery

Metris Vibe is now available in two versions. One which is fully encapsulated and ATEX certified, and another version which has an exchangeable battery. This allows the selection of a sensor that ideally fits the environmental conditions and requirements on site.

Metris Vibe variants


Metris Vibe for condition monitoring video


Metris Vibe benefits

  • Enables long-term cost savings
  • Easy to install
  • First indication of machine health
  • Wireless connection
  • Transmission of raw data
  • Battery life up to three years
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Local data buffer
  • Interface to Metris UX
  • App for Android and IoS devices

Metris Vibe App

The Metris Vibe App is now available for Google Play store and Apple App store.


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