Rotary valve

The ANDRITZ line of Sprout rotary valves is rugged and trouble-free. They are ideal to use as feeders and air-locks for vacuum and low-pressure positive systems.

Rotary valves help your pneumatic system achieve peak performance. Precision-crafted to maintain proper air seals, our rotary valves are rugged and dependable, even when you are conveying abrasives and corrosives. Available in many models, sizes and construction materials, the ANDRITZ rotary valve is a versatile component in most dilute-phase pneumatic conveying and feeding operations.

ANDRITZ Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve

Stock fewer parts

Stock fewer parts with our modular construction. End plates, housings and different rotor styles are interchangeable in the field. We back our valves with experienced service technicians and stock a full range of components and finished valves. You can count on fast, dependable delivery of valves and replacement parts.

Key features

  • Permits service to 15 PSI
  • Split packing glands offer easy access to stuffing boxes, reducing maintenance time
  • Integral stuffing boxes 4 packing rings and air-purge inlets in the end plates increase packing life and reduce maintenance costs
  • Outboard bearings prevent product contamination
  • 3/4” clearance between closed-end rotor and casing end plate minimizes packing of product
  • Precision machining with normal, radial clearance from rotor-to-tip of 0.002" to 0.004" minimizes leakage
  • Close-end, 8-blade rotor design provides superior, two-blade sealing without loss of pocket capacity

ANDRITZ valves' eight-blade design ensures best performance:

  • Eight pockets per rotor
  • Closed-end rotor design
  • Type 2 features adjustable tips for close rotor-to-housing clearances, peak valve efficiency and maximum life
  • Provides maximum rotor strength, minimizes packing damage, and permits end-bell air purging
  • Tips are manufactured in brass, stainless steel, abrasion-resistant steel, stellite inlaid, and Ni-hard
  • Tips are also available in more pliable materials such as neoprene, Teflon® and polyurethane
  • Shroud (end plate) periphery, vane edges and adjustable tips may be hard-surfaced to minimize the effects of abrasive materials on the rotor

MST rotary valve

Easy access to MST valve interior with a full-length inspection panel. With the valve still in service – but locked out electronically, you can change, remove, or adjust rotor tips, check for damage, and clean out any product from rotor pockets. The panel must be bolted into position before operation.

MSI rotary valve

Side inlet valve reduces shearing or breaking of granular, free-flowing product.

Quick Clean rotary valve

Use a Quick Clean rotary valve where cross- contamination is a major concern and lengthy shut-downs for cleaning purposes are cost-prohibitive.

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