Cutting unit of the ADuro C shredder

ADuro C shredder: pre-shredding without compromise

Whenever volume needs to be reduced, waste prepared for incineration, or materials shredded for subsequent processing, ANDRITZ ADuro C lays the foundation for a successful recycling process.

The success of a recycling plant essentially depends on the first stage: Pre-shredding of difficult materials. The ADuro C takes care of this task in a vigorous and reliable way and prepares large-volume material to best advantage for further processing.

ADuro C shredder: Slow-running twin-shaft shredder

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ADuro C shredder: Pre-shredding without compromise

© Croce & Wir

Coupled shafts

A key component of the ADuro C shredder are the coupled shafts. They facilitate knife exchange since the gear unit does not have to be dismantled during maintenance tasks. Downtime is thereby reduced considerably.

Hydraulic pusher

The ADuro C can be equipped with a hydraulic pusher to achieve remarkably higher throughput. The pusher movement correlates directly with the motor current. If the motor current is too high, the pusher automatically reduces its force on the material. In the event that the current reaches a critical value, the pusher moves back up and a reversing cycle begins. Different pusher types, such as special solutions for tires, ensure most efficient treatment of the processed materials.

Heavy-duty machine design

Besides the standard ADuro C model, ANDRITZ Recycling also offers special machine equipment for heavy-duty applications. Scrapers and other wear parts are made of highly resistant Hardox to ensure extremely low wear, even during the processing of abrasive materials, such as pulper rags or larger parts made of metal.


  • Household and industrial waste
  • Used tires
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Pulp and paper rejects
  • Textiles
  • Shredder-light fraction
  • Automotive parts
  • Mattresses
  • Cable scrap
  • Barrels made of steel or plastic

Output fraction after treatment with the ADuro C


Benefits of the ADuro C

  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Strong and robust machine design
  • Reversing protects the machine, rotor and knives thanks to automatic detection of impurities
  • Hydraulic pusher for higher throughput
  • Cutter with polygonal rotor shafts for high power transmission
  • Coupled shafts for faster shaft exchange
  • Precision-worked knives for exact cutting
  • Heavy-duty model available, perfectly suited to process highly abrasive materials

ANDRITZ tire recycling plants

See a pulp and paper rejects recycling plant in action!

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