The solution for measuring wood losses in real time

ANDRITZ BarkScan is an image-processing system that continuously measures the quantity of good wood in the bark on the bark belt conveyor. 

The system processes the data in real time, enabling the wood-room operators or the control system to run the debarking process so that the amount of good wood in the bark can be minimized. The reduced wood loss brings savings in the raw material costs. BarkScan is typically utilized in connection with the debarking process optimization package.

A small reduction in the amount of raw material lost provides major savings annually. Furthermore, the final product quality improves because the logs are not over-debarked. The real time wood loss data increase the information on the overall wood handling process, and provide the ability to analyze wood qualities continuously.


The BarkScan sensor measures the quantity of good wood in the bark on the conveyor belt

BarkScan consists of a camera with lighting unit and a PC, including hardware and software. The camera records images of bark on the conveyor. The frame grabber captures images from the camera and transmits them to the computer. The images are analyzed by special software that evaluates data on the relative quantity of good wood in the bark.

The wood loss data (percentage) is transmitted to the main control system.

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