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Helping to achieve operational readiness

The control system in a modern industrial operation touches every piece of equipment and every instrument in the plant. Nothing will be conveyed, ground, classified, pumped, floated, roasted, calcined, or dried until the plant’s control system is operationally ready. In short, control of the plant can mean the difference between profit and loss. That is why ANDRITZ has an engineering group that focuses on the design of electrical, control, and instrumentation systems.


ANDRITZ consultant testing at an industrial facility


Control screens at a mineral processing plant in Chile

Whether it is a greenfield or brownfield project, electrical, control, and instrumentation systems typically account for a small portion of the total project budget, but their importance to the operation of a plant is paramount. All mechanical equipment must be “bolted down” before the electrical, control, and instrumentation systems can be installed. By the time they are installed, most of the project budget has been spent and many owners assume that the plant will simply start up without incident or delay.

Before a return on investment can be realized, these critical questions about the plant’s control system must be considered: 

  • Have the motors been “bumped”?
  • Has the I/O been checked back to the DCS/PLC/HMI?
  • Are the control networks operational?
  • Is the control system configured correctly?
  • Have the operating and maintenance staff been trained?

ANDRITZ technician at a SAG mill plant in British Columbia, Canada

The ANDRITZ battery limit covers all electrical, control, and instrumentation systems, including: 

  • Substations, including the complicated and protracted negotiations with power utilities
  • Power distribution, including harmonics and filtering
  • MCCs
  • DCS
  • Instrumentation
  • Field cabling, including data networks, power, controls, and instrumentation
  • Process data in a form ready for import into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

ANDRITZ structures the scope of supply to fit commercial needs, from engineering to engineering and equipment supply, to engineering, procurement, and construction. Whatever the situation, ANDRITZ has the people, the patents, and the proven tools to ensure that a plant is operationally ready.

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    Engineering to achieve operational readiness

    ANDRITZ AUTOMATION focuses on plant electrical, controls, and instrumentation systems for lime and cement plants, providing proven engineering, simulation, operator training, and optimization solutions.

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  • Engineering for lime operations

    Engineering for lime operations

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  • Electrical and controls engineering: services provided

    Electrical and controls engineering: Services provided

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  • Engineering to reduce electrical arc flash hazards

    ANDRITZ AUTOMATION provides a full range of services to analyze, mitigate, and train personnel in the dangers of electrical arc flash.

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  • Control system solutions for mining

    ANDRITZ AUTOMATION specializes in electrical, controls, and instrumentation systems for the mining and mineral industry.

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