Feasibility studies

Finding the right solutions for controlling the operation

When developing a capital project, whether a greenfield plant or an expansion to an existing facility, the following questions should be asked:

  • Will the project net present value be competitive?
  • Are the budgets and assumptions correct?
  • Will the technology work?
  • Can the plant be built on time?
  • Are the personnel up to the task?
  • Which team/vendor can help build the project?
  • Does the team have process knowledge?
  • Are standards in place?
  • Is the location a challenge?

ANDRITZ personnel analyze the flotation area of a mining facility in Chile


Demonstration of a plant process using the IDEAS simulation tool 

ANDRITZ helps to set the right course at the beginning of a new project. Our focus is the electrification and instrumentation of the plant. The control of a plant is similar to the nervous system in the body - it is so important that without a correct design it can mean the difference between profit and loss in competitive markets. ANDRITZ has a dedicated control group comprised of engineers, scientists, technologists, and programmers with extensive process experience in the application of computer technology for industrial control and automation.

Services provided during the feasibility stage of a project

  • Control system evaluation
  • Evaluate new technologies for inclusion in new projects
  • Performance audits
  • Capitalize on energy conservation agencies of various government levels
  • Evaluate opportunities for improving existing operations
  • Troubleshooting existing plant control system
  • Network security review
  • System reliability studies
  • Housekeeping and disaster recovery procedures
  • Drawing and documentation updates
  • Software programming methodologies and development of hardware standards
  • Conceptual design
  • System hardware and software evaluation

​​​​​​​While the Automation, Electrification, and Instrumentation (AEI) costs of a project are generally a smaller part of the capital cost, they have a major role to play in the success of the project. With its multi-vendor approach and wide project experience, ANDRITZ can help to get the most out of a proposed project by taking advantage of the available technology on the market. To ensure a project has its chance of returning on an investment, it must be designed with the appropriate power, instrumentation, and control systems.


ANDRITZ employees study a diagram at an industrial facility 

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    Engineering to achieve operational readiness

    ANDRITZ AUTOMATION focuses on plant electrical, controls, and instrumentation systems for lime and cement plants, providing proven engineering, simulation, operator training, and optimization solutions.

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    Electrical and controls engineering: Services provided

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    ANDRITZ AUTOMATION specializes in electrical, controls, and instrumentation systems for the mining and mineral industry.

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