Engineering solutions for accurately measuring processes

In order to efficiently control a process, it first must be accurately measured. Knowledge of the appropriate instrumentation to use in a plant is as important as the selection of the control system.


ANDRITZ consultants inspect equipment at an industrial facility.

 ANDRITZ engineers and designers are vendor independent and have the experience and knowledge needed to implement process instrumentation reliably and economically.

Drawing upon a wide range of resources that include knowledgeable staff in the areas of chemistry, metallurgy, engineering (electrical and mechanical), software development, and project management, ANDRITZ offers a wide range of instrumentation services.

Instrumentation, by its very nature, is very detailed and, together with the quantity of instruments in a modern plant, demands a comprehensive, well-organized system for change management. ANDRITZ’s instrumentation work aligns with the overall project team’s efforts, tracking the inevitable process design changes during the project. When combined with its electrification and automation capabilities, ANDRITZ is able to reduce the interfaces between the project design groups, including civil, environmental, mechanical, and process design.

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