Oil sands

ANDRITZ capabilities for the oil sands industry

Giving access to the latest technologies for automation of individual systems or an entire oil sands plant

ANDRITZ helps oil sands operations around the world bridge the gap between concept and production to help them achieve operational readiness – quickly, safely, accurately, and ahead of the curve.


The control system in a modern oil sand operation touches every piece of equipment and instrument in the plant, like a nervous system touches every muscle and receptor in your body. Nothing will be conveyed, ground, classified, pumped, or dried until the plant’s “nervous system” is operationally ready. In short, the control of your plant can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Our engineering group focuses on the design of your electrical, controls and instrumentation systems. These disciplines typically account for a small portion of the total project budget, but their importance to the operation of a plant is paramount.

ANDRITZ scope of supply is structured to fit your commercial needs, from engineering to equipment supply, procurement and construction. Whatever your situation, we have the people, the patents, and the proven tools to ensure that your plant is operationally ready to start.


Oil sands aurora extraction plant 


Our dynamic simulator, IDEAS, helps mining operations reduce risk and realize huge savings. Our proprietary simulation tool, IDEAS, is the leading dynamic simulator for oil sands operations in the Canadian north, Potash operations, and for hard rock mining operations around the globe.

We offer the following simulation solutions for oil sands operations:

  • IDEAS Oil sands Surface Plant
  • IDEAS Oil sands SAGD Plant
  • IDEAS VMG engine
  • IDEAS OLI engine

Advanced process control

Our patented, PID-replacement controller BrainWave is revolutionizing control at operations around the globe. We have helped producers large and small remove bottlenecks, reduce energy and chemical consumption, produce higher quality products more consistently and lower production costs, all of which results in hundreds of thousands of dollars saved.

Our experience means we understand customers’ requirements and can provide the solutions quickly and efficiently. ANDRITZ delivers its services and products right on site, whether it is a processing facility in the middle of an urban industrial complex or the oil sands in the northern tundra.

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