Automation solutions for power producers

Helping to achieve operational readiness

ANDRITZ helps power producers around the world bridge the gap between concept and production to achieve operational readiness – quickly, safely, reliably, and ahead of the curve.


The control system in a modern industrial facility touches every piece of equipment and instrument in the plant. Nothing will be conveyed, classified, or pumped until the plant’s control system is operationally ready. In short, control of the plant can mean the difference between profit and loss.

That’s why ANDRITZ AUTOMATION has an engineering group that focuses on the design of electrical, control, and instrumentation systems. These disciplines typically account for a small portion of the total project budget, but their importance to the operation of a plant is paramount.

ANDRITZ structures the scope of supply to fit commercial needs, from engineering to engineering and equipment supply, to engineering, procurement, and construction. Whatever the situation, we have the people, the patents, and the proven tools to ensure that the plant is operationally ready.


ANDRITZ provides engineering services and simulation tools to help automate power producers.


ANDRITZ has supported the power industry by using the dynamic simulator IDEAS to simulate boilers, turbines, and generators. IDEAS is the simulator of choice for the kraft pulp mill industry, being used by most major pulp lines to come on-line in the last decade. All of these projects have involved the dynamic simulation of power facilities.

ANDRITZ can model any vendor equipment and is able to communicate with every DCS supplier, so operators train on the same graphics and logic that they will use in the actual plant.

IDEAS has realistic models to accurately represent the process, based on first principles of chemistry and physics. IDEAS enables the testing and verification of design concepts and process control logic at low cost and low risk.

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    Engineering to achieve operational readiness

    ANDRITZ AUTOMATION focuses on plant electrical, controls, and instrumentation systems for lime and cement plants, providing proven engineering, simulation, operator training, and optimization solutions.

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  • Electrical and controls engineering: services provided

    Electrical and controls engineering: Services provided

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  • IDEAS simulation solutions for industry

    IDEAS is the leading dynamic simulator for the global kraft pulp industry, oil sands operations in the Canadian north, potash operations, and for hard rock mining. It helps with process design, control logic verification, and operator training.

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