The solution for detecting dirt in pulp before it contaminates key process areas

The ANDRITZ PulpVision online dirt analyzer gives mills a superior tool for detecting dirt, ink, shives, and stickies in a pulp flow.

Service currently offered in South East Asia, China and Finland.

With PulpVision, the operator is constantly informed about particle count, particle size, total particle area, and trend curves. Dirt specks are automatically classified using TAPPI-size standards or other international standards.

The online PulpVision system inspects more than 20 liters (6 gallons) of pulp per minute. This rate is hundreds of times higher than is possible through manual methods. PulpVision can easily detect particles as small as 25 microns - nearly invisible to the human eye. PulpVision delivers precision, speed, and reliability in dirt analysis.


The PulpVision sensor helps detect dirt in pulp before it contaminates key process areas


Principle of operation

The PulpVision system includes one or more online sensors and a powerful computer workstation. Pulp flows through an observation cell where up to 25 images per second are recorded by a high-speed video camera synchronized with a strobe light. The video images are transferred to the workstation for real time analysis. PulpVision can detect and analyze any contrasted particles, including ink, dirt, shives, and stickies.


PulpVision can be installed for recyled, unbleached, and bleached pulp. It monitors pulp quality before reaching the paper machine and ensures the cleanliness of market pulp. It will also measure cleaning/deinking efficiency. It optimizes post-consumer fiber blends and will help in the troubleshooting of screens and cleaners.

  • Success Story Century Pulp & Paper, India

    Optimization and cost-effective pulp production with PulpVision

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  • Automation instruments to measure, control, and improve operations

    ANDRITZ AUTOMATION provides online instruments including FiberVision pulp quality sensor, PulpVision dirt counter, GapScan measuring system, and Advanced Condition Diagonistics to monitor pulp mill operations.

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  • PulpVision to measure, control, and improve operations

    The PulpVision online stickies and dirt analyzer gives mills a superior tool for detecting stickies, dirt, ink, and shives in a pulp flow.

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