Interactive training

Web-based training

The solution for training industrial operators

Web-based training (WBT) provides the most effective and measureable form of training for personnel.


S11D computer-based training (CBT) is a success among operations. They were very impressed and satisfied with the product quality, praising it highly. Access to the platform is very easy, smooth, and user-friendly. The team is using the learning tool a lot.

Gleiser Vieira

Process Engineer, Plant Operations, Vale

Information about the process is gathered, organized, and delivered to customers so that operators with or without experience can learn in a way that starts with broad concepts, right down to detailed information on specific pieces of equipment.

WBT uses pictures, animation, graphics, sound, and text to bring information together in an engaging way that keeps the student eager to learn. Learning is accelerated when more senses are involved, so that employees will learn more, faster, and will have higher retention rates. Backed up with a testing engine that measures and stores employee results, this will prove to be an exceptional way to train.

When combined with the IDEAS dynamic simulator, WBT allows very effective reinforcement of operations knowledge by seeing the procedures first on the WBT and then again on the simulator. The system is designed so that it can be maintained and updated in the future.


Operators learn new processes via the IDEAS simulator


The computer-based training (CBT) delivered by ANDRITZ was very innovative, thereby very well received by the final customer. The content quality is great and distinguished when compared to other market solutions. Other CBTs with which I have worked use outdated technologies, unlike ANDRITZ. And besides, project tracking and controlling were very well executed, and the team was always up-to-date with project information.

Julio Barbosa

Information Technology Department, Vale

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    ANDRITZ AUTOMATION offers a range of customized solutions for industrial training, including web-based training and process simulators using IDEAS, in the language and culture of a customer's personnel.

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