HIPASE platform

Integration on highest level

ANDRITZ Hydro has extensive and longterm experience in the fields of excitation, electrical protection, synchronization, turbine controllers and automation of hydropower plants, forming the basis for the development of the new HIPASE product platform. Highly performing and perfectly adapted, HIPASE integrates the specific requirements of the different fields in a single device.

Hipase Platform

The new and innovative HIPASE platform has especially been developed for the use in hydropower plants and covers the following applications:

All devices are based on identical hardware and use the same engineering tool. For specific requirements, additional application boards are used resulting in perfectly designed voltage regulators as well as protection and synchronization devices and turbine controllers.


The HIPASE device consists of a half size 19” housing incorporating up to 32 digital inputs and outputs as well as 12 current and 8 voltage transformer inputs. For all applications with extensive signal requirements (e.g. 6-system differential protection), a standard 19” full size housing is used. All HIPASE devices usually comprise four boards to be combined individually according to the type of application. The central processor module is the core component, also supporting different standard communication interfaces (e.g. IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104 and Modbus). For processing of analogue and digital signals appropriate analogue and digital interface boards are provided. A key characteristic of the HIPASE platform is its safety architecture. HIPASE ensures both, the protection of humans and property (safety) and data integrity (security) by hardware and software measures.

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Due to the predefined functions included in HIPASE, all devices can easily be fitted to the requested demands and plant-specific requirements. The functional scope of the new HIPASE platform consists additionally of up-to-date functions like an innovative and fully graphical color touch display, multiple open communication features, security features as well as a simple plant-specific configuration of the devices.


Due to the complex interconnection of the overall infrastructure of electrical energy generation and distribution, the issue of “cyber security” has become increasingly important. This importance particularly becomes clear in the related policies of key power utilities (e.g. the White Paper of German BDEW and the North American NERC CIP Standard).

A comprehensive and consistent security architecture protects the HIPASE device against cyber attacks from outside, as well as from the internal network. The core elements of this architecture are an internal firewall as well as encrypted transmission (communication between HIPASE Engineering Tool and the HIPASE devices). The HIPASE security features are supported by the hardware – every HIPASE device is equipped with a TPM chip (trusted platformmodule), which clearly identifies each deviceand provides unique keys for authentication.