SonoPerf Office sound absorbers

Sound absorbers for many applications

Modern architectural trends often use design and physical constructions (reverberant surfaces, clear lines, concrete elements, etc.) to achieve breathtaking effects – at least visually. However, the acoustic conditions of the room may prove to be highly problematic.

The solution: 

SonoPerf Office for cooling ceilings

Ceilings made of SonoPerf Office can do a lot more than just provide favorable acoustic conditions: When integrated into cooling ceilings, the bevelled openings of SonoPerf  microperforations ensure comfortably homogeneous air distribution in the room. 

Homogeneous air distribution and efficient noise absorption are no longer contradic-tory objecives with SonoPerf Office. The unique microperforation of SonoPerf Office absorbs sound in a very wide frequency range and, at the same time, acts as an ideal outlet for conditioned room air. The cooled air is directed into the room in a deflected air stream. This method of ho-mogeneous air distribution is perceived as being much more pleasant than air outlets from conventional air conditioning sys-tems. It is the large number of small in-clined openings that ensures this good air flow.
SonoPerf Office is perceived visually as a closed surface without holes from a view-ing distance of two meters or more, which has the positive effect of concealing the air conditioning equipment installed. 

SonoPerf Office as ceiling elements

Designing room acoustics with SonoPerf Office

SonoPerf – a broadband sound absorber made of microperforated electrogalva-nized steel (EGS) or aluminum – targets the absorption of disturbing frequencies in a room. Even under unfavorable conditions, strategically installed SonoPerf Office ele-ments create an acoustically pleaseant at-mosphere.
In cooperation with acoustics experts we will be happy to show you options for achieving the desired noise level values, reverberation times, and speech intelligi-bility in your office or conference room.De-pending on the specific situation, absorp-tion rates of up to 1.0 can be realized. 
Detailed measurements for targeted and sustainable planning of acoustic enhance-ments are available on request. 

An office with SonoPerf elements

SonoPerf Office as workspace dividers

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