ANDRITZ Underdrain system

ANDRITZ Underdrain System

The operation of a water filtration plant is a highly demanding responsibility. 

For a plant manager, broken plastic nozzles are a terrible situation, as filtration media can leak into the filtered water, forcing him to stop the process and fix the broken nozzles. 

 What if ANDRITZ could solve this issue with a one-time purchase that increases flow rate and delivers perfect filtration results? 

The ANDRITZ Underdrain System (AUS) is the solution for new water filtration plants as well as a perfect replacement for existing nozzle filtration plants.
The AUS offers a reliable filtration process without the risk of breaking nozzles and therefore water contamination.

Watch the video to check out how it works and what advantages the AUS can offer you.

ANDRITZ Underdrain System - Benefits at a glance

V-Shaped Wire

The AUS is made of 100% stainless steel. In comparison to plastic nozzles, breaking under normal process conditions is impossible. The v-shaped wedge wire bars prevent plugging and ensure a reliable, continous and maintenance free process - guaranteed. 

AUS V-shaped wires

V-shaped wires of the ANDRITZ Underdrain System


Folded distribution plate

In comparison to other underdrain systems that use cheaper, segmented distribution plates, the AUS exclusively uses a folded distribution plate without gaps between the segments. This ensure even distribution and steady flow rates, also in important backwash phases. 

AUS folded distribution plate

The folded, gapless distribution plate of the ANDRITZ Underdrain system


Maximum efficiency with the ANDRITZ backwash system

In case of plugging, the ANDRITZ underdrain system is designed to ensure efficient backwash phases. In combination with a backwash system, air, water, or both evenly flow through the folded distribution plate and the filtration surface. Debris and media above the AUS is flushed to the top and the efficiency of the AUS is restored to the maximum.

Back wash phase of the AUS

Back wash phase of the AUS


Mobile filtration unit

If you are running a plastic nozzle filtration plant and you have breakage of nozzles and want to replace your nozzle filtration system with the ANDRITZ Underdrain System to ensure a continous and maintenance-free operation in the future, ANDRITZ can help you minimize downtime of your filtration plant. 

The mobile filtration unit can help you maintain a filtration process while our experts upgrade your nozzle system to the AUS. ANDRITZ delivers and installs the mobile filtration unit at your site so your downtime is reduced to a minimum. 

This is the plus in service you can expect from ANDRITZ!

Mobile filtration unit

The ANDRITZ mobile filtration unit



  • 100% stainless steel - no rust, no breakage
  • High flow rate
  • Continous and maintenance-free operation
  • Perfect filtration results due to V-shaped wires
  • Even distribution of water and air in backwash phases due to folded, gapless distribution plate
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