Sugar extraction


The extraction process of sugar from sugar beet has a high impact on the sugar yield and thus income. It is important to control the leaching of the raw material as efficiently as possible in order to achieve the best possible output with maximum capacity. From extraction towers to DDS troughs to rotating diffusion drums, ANDRITZ is your competent partner. In most cases, the extraction process is the bottleneck of the entire production chain. Capacity can be increased through the use of optimised screens. We can also offer you optimised solutions that simplify the cleaning of screens, for example. We would be happy to discuss your system together and identify optimisation potential for the maximum sugar yield. 

DDS bottom screens

DDS screen trays are used during extraction. They are used to retain the pulp. We can offer you DDS screens in punched, drilled and slot-milled versions. The retention of the pulp and additionally the capacity can be increased by the choice of perforation.


  • High stability and durability due to high material thickness
  • Improved dewatering performance
  • Process optimisation by changing the screen opening possible
  • Available drilled, milled or punched 

DDS bottom screen


RT diffusion screens

Screens for RT diffusion drums can be supplied as a cost-effective, punched version or as an optimised, drilled version. With the drilled version, thicker and more wear resistant materials can be machined. In addition, using this method, the screening area can be increased, increasing the capacity significantly. 


  • Capacity increase (large open area)
  • Increase in service life
  • Precise screen openings

RT diffusion screen


Extraction towers

In many cases, maximum capacity in the extraction process has already been achieved and can only be expanded by commissioning a further tower. Andritz manufactures optimised screens as an alternative solution to this, which achieve an increase in throughput. The higher open area and smaller screen openings retain the pulp more efficiently and significantly increase its capacity. Optimised opening geometries reduce the risk of blockage of the screens by small stones or pulp and simplify cleaning. 


  • Capacity increase due to large open area
  • Very easy cleaning of the screens
  • Precisely manufactured screen openings ensure efficient retention of pulp and foreign matter
  • Can be retrofitted without structural changes to the basic system 
  • Newly developed: Optimised, slot-milled screen trays

Bottom and side screen for extraction towers


Comparison between different types of screens for extraction towers


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