Separation basket

Separation (Discontinuous)

In sugar centrifuges, the sugar crystals are separated from the mother liquor. The screen components used here are of more essential importance, since they have a major impact on the quality of the final product, capacity and operational safety. The screen components are exposed to very high loads in the separation process. This can lead to breakage of the screen and therefore metal particles in the sugar product, or lead to the destruction of the centrifuge and endangerment of staff. ANDRITZ has therefore developed a centrifuge screen, which not only significantly reduces the stress on the screen, but also reduces the cycle time.

Maximum Yield centrifuge basket

Our high-tech screen basket for discontinuous centrifuges with maximum yield technology consists of three individual baskets:

  1. A fine screen made of wedge wire with a multiple life compared to the previous standard screen, with a significantly higher open area for a faster and more efficient separation of sugar crystals from the mother liquor
  2. A support basket also made of wedge wire, which reinforces the fine screen and does not reduce the open area of the fine screen
  3. A screen drum made from a modern duplex material. This patented and TÜV-approved new design is characterised by its long service intervals, high operational reliability and reduced cycle times. This novel design with elliptical openings and V-ring construction reduces the stress peaks in the process from over 500 MPa to 275 MPa.


  • Maximum open area for highest dewatering performance
  • Reinforcement rings for maximum stability and safety
  • Reduction of cycle time by up to 50% 
  • Significant reduction of residual moisture (up to 50%)
  • Increase the sugar yield (up to 6%)

Close-up of the High Yield centrifuge basket


Perfect Fit centrifuge basket

Our weight-optimised alternative. This basket can also be used with an existing motor and reduces cycle times by up to 25% compared to a standard basket. In addition, it offers a higher open area and thus increased dewatering performance


  • Weight-optimised variant, works without modification of the machine
  • Higher open area compared to a standard basket
  • Cycle times can be reduced by up to 25%

Perfect fit centrifuge basket


Inner basket

Do you want to keep your existing screen drum, but still increase dewatering performance and the sugar extraction rate? ANDRITZ offers optimised internal screens that are compatible with your existing centrifuge drum. Available in wedge wire, microperforated or punched perforation.

Benefits wedge wire variant:

  • Open area up to 50%
  • Optimised slot direction for the best syrup separation and protection of the sugar crystal from damage

Benefits punched perforation variant:

  • Open area up to 25%
  • Round or oblong perforation

Benefits micro perforation variant:

  • Open area up to 25%
  • Use of thicker Duplex material sheets for maximum wear resistance
  • Round or oblong geometry

Inner basket made of wedge wire

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