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ANDRITZ not only offers ready-to-install, process-optimised components for the sugar industry, but also numerous on-site and in-house services. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you!

Service with competence and experience

From analysis through to the revealing of optimisation potential, ANDRITZ offers a variety of services for your plants in the area of water treatment and material preparation, extraction and diffusion, dewatering and separation as well as in the drying processes for sugar and beet pulp.

Spindle redesign

The longer a screw press operates the more signs of wear there are on flights of the screw - the dewatering performance decreases progressively and it can lead to blockages. For worn spindles, which are difficult to access due to local conditions or can only be removed at considerable expense, ANDRITZ offers an attractive solution: complete repair and upgrade with the mobile OSR unit. Old and large screw presses are modernised by this flexible on-site repair and subsequent adaptation with wear protection so that they can provide a consistently high performance again.

OSR Unit for on-site repair of screw presses

The ANDRITZ on-site service eliminates the hassle of removing and installing the screw press spindles and eliminates the need for a replacement shaft. Expensive costs and time-consuming transportation are saved. Compared with conventional repairs, downtime is reduced by about 20%. The service life of the spindle can be further increased if the shaft is equipped with complete wear protection from ANDRITZ during the repair. After conversion to complete screw protection, you can repair it by yourself by replacing the wear shoes.

Spindle optimisation with ANDRITZ wear shoes

The wear shoes have been optimised for the three press zones of the screw press. A patented carbide alloy for the high pressure zone reduces wear and provides stability. This leads to less wear and lower maintenance. The wear shoes of the medium pressure zone are coated with a patented special alloy. The low pressure zone is protected by hard edged steel rings. The economically optimised concept not only increases the service life of the screw press, but also maintains its performance.

Spindle disassembly and assembly

In addition to spindle optimisation and reworking, ANDRITZ also offers complete replacement including disassembly of your old spindle as well as installation of your new ANDRITZ spindle. So you get a complete all-round service from a single source. We guarantee a smooth commissioning of your screw press, because the acceptance is on site together with our service experts. 

Spindle service

Spindle service


Shaft coating for screw presses

ANDRITZ has developed a special shaft coating that is highly resistant to wear and guarantees an optimum
surface (which does not entail any adhesion to the worn shaft). The result: constant dewatering performance and longer service intervals. The coating is applied to specific plates which are welded to the surface of the shaft. This makes it easy to replace the section when worn. For this upgrade, removal of the shaft is not necessary!

Inventory and assessment before the start of new campaign

To maximise revenue and minimise losses, your campaign should run as smoothly as possible. We ensure that your pulp press delivers maximum performance without incidents and maintenance breaks. We check your pulp press before the campaign starts, replace your defective screens on site or recommend suitable products for maximum dewatering performance. In the discussion with our experts you will learn how to maximise revenue and save energy in subsequent processes.

Disassembly and installation of your screens

In addition to advising on optimising the dewatering performance of your pulp press, we also take care of disassembling the old screens and installing new ANDRITZ press screens. We also offer you matching mounting bars, which should always be exchanged during a replacement. 

Sugar press screen inspection

Sugar press screen inspection

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