Water management and material preparation

Water treatment and material preparation

The washing of sugar beets or the soaking of sugar cane are among the first steps in sugar production. ANDRITZ supports you with long-lasting and precise screening and filtration components: punched, drilled, milled, micro-perforated or wedge wire screen components for water, material and raw material processing, as well as various filtration components complete our range.

Components for beet washing

Whether it is bent screens, flat screens or screen drums for beet washing, ANDRITZ supplies durable compo-nents for beet cleaning. The beets are washed gently due to the burr-free, outwardly conically shaped  screen opening.


  • Durable and low maintenance
  • The lowest possible damage to the beet
  • High separation performance due the maximum open area

Flat screen for beet washing


Lime milk drums

Lime-milk drums are used in sugar production for the cleaning of coarse elements from the lime milk. Due to its stable construction combined with a large open area, ANDRITZ recommends the use of wedge wire screen drums.


  • Large open area
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lifetime

Lime milk drum


Perforated screens for vacuum filter

Vacuum filters are used to remove unwanted  contaminants (fibres, sand) from the juice. 
Vacuum filters are offered with different perforations in both stainless steel and copper. 


  • Inexpensive filtration solution
  • Very effective process
  • Tailored to your process

Vacuum filter in stainless steel with 0,5 mm perforation


Wedge wire drum filters

Wedge wire screen drums can be used both for washing the beets, and for the filtration and separation of solid and liquid components in other areas. ANDRITZ supplies wedge wire screen drums for processes with flows from inside to out as well as from outside to in.


  • Low blockage tendency
  • For filtration of fibres from 100µm and up
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of profile wire geometries and materials
  • High slot width accuracy for the best process results

Drum filter, filtration direction from outside to in


Whitener screens and backwash filters

ANDRITZ also supplies many other filtration elements such as whitener screens and backwash filters.  Whitener screens are used to remove the brownish colour of cane sugar, backwash filters are used for water treatment. Both filtration components can be produced as a drilled variant with or without multilayered mesh, or as a wedge wire screen filter. 


  • The smallest screen openings possible (from 10µm)
  • The most diverse, process-adapted screen configurations possible
  • Also available as wedge wire screen solution

Whitener screen


Find more information and the complete portfolio in our brochure!

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