Separation components for the processing of fruit and tomatoes

Drilled and punched fruit extraction baskets

Our straining machine baskets are used in the production of tomato paste as well as fruit and vegetable concentrates. For this purpose our rotary screens remove suspended matter and residues from process water.

Our tomato baskets are manufactured in two variants:

Drilled baskets for the highest screening efficiency

Drilled holes can have the following geometries:

  • Cylindrical
  • Conical
  • Bicylindrical

When drilling, a high quantity of small holes down to 0.4 mm (.016'') in thick plates can be realized, with microperforation even down to 0.1 mm (.004''). This gives the baskets a very high open area, high stability and if required smallest hole diameters at the same time.

Drilled tomato screen basket

Punched baskets for the lowest replacement costs

Punching is the most economical perforating technology. Depending upon plate thickness, holes can be punched down to 0.4 mm (.016''). Due to our perforating performance punched baskets show high open areas. The lack of stability in thin plates is corrected by using cages or punched backup baskets, although the use of reinforcements will reduce the open area compared to drilled baskets.