ANDRITZ centrifuge screens for potash and mining

Centrifuge screens for a variety of centrifuge types

ANDRITZ is a well-known partner and supplier of centrifuge screens for all different kind of industries, especially the potash extraction and mining industry. ANDRITZ delivers slot-milled centrifuge screens, ConiPerf centrifuge screens, as well centrifuge screens made of wedge wire. Furthermore, ANDRITZ offers optimizations for centrifuges screens in terms of lifetime and capacity. 

ANDRITZ centrifuge screen type variants

Centrifuges are used for solid-liquid separation. An efficient separation process is particularly important. ANDRITZ wedge wire screen baskets are designed with a focus on high performance and longer service life through optimized open area and wear resistant material.

Manufacturing Technology       Benefits

Wedge wire screens                          

  • Large open area
  • Available in different alloys

Slot milled screens
  • High slot precision
  • High stability

ConiPerf screens
  • Different hole geometries possible
  • Very small holes in thick materials

Cylindrical centrifugal screens

According to the application and the wear ANDRITZ can supply the most suitable type of centrifuge screen, wedge wire, slot-milled or fine perforated ConiPerf. ANDRITZ enhances the lifetime of these screens by using the suitable design, wear resistant material and high stability. A smooth surface ensures ideal filtration results.

Centrifugal half screen

Conical screens

Depending on the type of centrifuge and application ANDRITZ supplies screen segments, conical baskets or complete baskets with backup with focus on high performance, longer service life and reduced downtime through optimized open area and wear resistant material.

Conical screen

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