OPEN 100 rotor
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OPEN rotor series

Gentle screening with maximum efficiency

For fine screening at low and medium consistency, and especially when prioritizing sticky removal efficiency, ANDRITZ recommends the OPEN 100 rotor series.

Detail of OPEN 100 rotor

Detail of OPEN 100 rotor

ANDRITZ OPEN rotors are also well suited for fractionation, headbox screening, and mechanical pulp screening.

The OPEN 100 rotor provides higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, and less thickening than other foil rotors on the market. Furthermore, extremely low pulsation makes ANDRITZ OPEN rotors unbeatable in headbox screening.

OPEN rotor benefits

  • High screening efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low thickening
  • Low pulsation
  • Adjustable and exchangeable foils
  • Available for all screen types
OPEN 100 rotor

OPEN 100

  • Suitable for all outflow screens
Ro-Tec C

OPEN 200

  • Suitable for all inflow screens
Open_300 rotor

OPEN 300

  • Suitable for all double basket screens (inflow + outflow)

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