TecnoWeave AKU-TEC diagonal covers

Stainless steel covers for forming rolls and thickeners

AKU-TEC diagonal covers are part of the TecnoWeave brand. They are made of stainless steel and applied to the forming rolls in gap formers, couch rolls, formers in cylinder moulds, suction formers, dandy rolls, thickeners, pulp washer drums, suction breast rolls, and other types of rolls.

ANDRITZ Kufferath has more than 80 years’ experience in manufacturing diagonal covers of high quality. We offer extensive know-how and capability in both application and manufacturing.

AKU-TEC diagonal covers are known for their excellent seam quality and long life. We use a variety of seaming techniques: plasma welded, silver soldered, or gold soldered. Each seam is hand-made by an experienced specialist.

If needed, we can prepare the seams and adjust the covers on-site.

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