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Drum pulpers for recycled fiber processing

Minimum fiber loss with lowest power consumption

FibreFlow Drum FFD

The ANDRITZ FibreFlow drum pulper is used for fiber slushing and separation of coarse contaminants for all kinds of recycled fibers, ranging from old newspapers and magazines, mixed office waste, old corrugated containers and mixed waste to special raw materials like liquid packaging board. High production capacity and low power consumption due to the combination of pulping and screening in one compact unit make the ANDRITZ drum pulper a superior choice for continuous pulping. The FibreFlow drum has proven its highest availability and excellent performance in more than 280 installations worldwide.

See the ANDRITZ FibreFlow drum pulper in action!

ANDRITZ FibreFlow drum pulper

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Wastepaper furnishes are defiberized by means of continuous turnover (via dropping and falling) that gently separate fibers from contaminants, which are rejected continuously and automatically. The drum is a rotating device consisting of two sections (pulping and screening) and separates the debris from the fibers with minimal fiber loss. Wetting, chemical impregnation and defiberizing take place in the pulping section. The screening section houses fiber recovery and reject separation.



Benefits of the ANDRITZ FibreFlow drum

  • Best accept quality thanks to gentle pulping concept and efficient removal of coarse contaminants with minimum fiber loss
  • Highest availability due to single-drum machine design with no internals creating wire build-ups
  • Reliable and proven mechanics
  • Lowest operating costs thanks to minimum maintenance and efficient single drive
  • Suited for all kinds of recovered paper

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Pulping and Fiber
  • FibreFlow drum pulper

    The ANDRITZ FibreFlow drum pulper is used for fiber slushing and separation of coarse contaminants for all kinds of recovered paper.

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    Fiber preparation pilot plant, for customer trials, research and development

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