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ANDRITZ pulp washing

Proven technologies with the highest efficiencies

From brownstock to bleaching, washing plays an essential role in maintaining pulp quality throughout the fiberline. ANDRITZ delivers washing solutions that not only result in high quality pulp, but are also efficient and environmentally friendly.

Pulp washers are essential to fiberline performance – from the initial cleaning of the brownstock to the final pulp washing. The washing result at one stage affects all the subsequent stages, so the choice of washers is critical.

No matter what the washing application or position in the fiberline – in greenfield or upgrade situations – ANDRITZ can provide superior washing solutions that result in high-quality pulp being produced in an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly way.

ANDRITZ provides also other washing equipment suitable for special requirements, such as the PD pressure diffuser washer. For all ANDRITZ washing systems, advanced ACE controls and IoT solutions for intelligent maintenance and control are available.

ANDRITZ washing technologies


DD-Washer drum displacer washer

With more than 380 installations around the world, the DD-Washer is clearly preferred for all fiberline washing applications – brownstock, post-oxygen and bleaching. Key benefits of the DD-Washer are its low operating costs, low emissions, and extremely high washing efficiency in a design that offers a flexible number of displacement washing stages in a single unit. The DD-Washer is extremely gentle to fibers because no mechanical pressing is required for washing.

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COMPACT PRESS wash press

The COMPACT PRESS wash press can complement your fiberline based on the DD-Washer drum displacer washer. It can be used to separate water circulation between brownstock and bleaching and to reduce water consumption and effluent volumes in fiberlines for bleachable pulp grades. In brown stock fiberlines, it can be used as the final washer for cutting water circulation prior to the board, paper, or pulp machine. It also has other uses, for example in some processes where high discharge consistency is required, or when single washing stage is sufficient.

GasFree (GF) Filter

GasFree Filter vacuum drum washer

The ANDRITZ GasFree Filter (aka GF-Filter) is an advanced vacuum drum filter washer. GF-Filter washers can be used for brownstock, post-oxygen, and bleach plant washing. Most typically, they are installed as a retrofit to an existing line, and can complement the washing process in special cases when only one stage of washing is required and the washing stage temperatures are not high. They are also suitable for greenfield installations in mills with special requirements (low capacities or non-wood pulps for example).

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