Automation solutions for pulp drying systems

ANDRITZ is well equipped to supply turnkey plants and has its own automation department to provide unit process and coordinated advanced control for the complete drying plant.

A modern ANDRITZ pulp drying plant includes screening/cleaning, dewatering, drying, baling and finishing systems. ANDRITZ automation products for pulp drying applications include the following solutions:

Automatic headbox dilution for an even MC profile of the pulp sheet. Based on the reading of the scanner after the dryer, the dilution valves at the headbox are activated to correct the profile by adding more or less dilution water to a certain area.

Edge trim control for consistent sheet width after the dryer. The pulp sheet shrinks differently for dried broke pulp and virgin pulp. The edge trim control system adjusts the trim nozzles, as well as the pick up roll suction zone, and reduces jams in the drop boxes.

Machine control system (MCS) is a high-performance dedicated control system maintaining control of hydraulic loops and machine movements. It is designed to be embedded into overall control system.

DryMatic is a dedicated control system for dryers providing tail feeding, threading, etc.

BaleMatic is a dedicated control system for baling lines and cutter layboys providing enhanced local operation and diagnostics as well as bale tracking and lot reporting.

Quality control system (QCS) is a scanning device with sensors for delivering reliable and precise measurements (profiles) of pulp sheets (e.g. basis weight, moisture, temperature, brightness out of the dryer, etc.). Data from scanner is processed and used for the cross and machine direction control.

Automatic moisture control adjusts the moisture by steam control valves at the steam blowbox, based on scanner moisture profiles in cross direction.

Dirt count analyzer detects and reports defects in pulp. It is an online inspection system using digital camera technology with high resolution images as well as advanced machine vision tools.

Pulp drying control system (PDCS) offers extended features for the complete pulp drying line, minimizing the number of subsystems and associated interfaces.

Operator training simulator (OTS) is utilized by virtually every major pulp line to come on-stream in the last decade. It helps the world’s largest pulp mills achieve start-ups that are faster, smoother, and safer – and delivers a very fast payback.

ACE is a suite of advanced control solutions that help pulp producers remove bottlenecks; reduce energy and chemical consumption; produce higher quality products; and operate more consistently with lower overall costs.

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