ANDRITZ high-consistency bleaching systems

Providing maximum brightness with minimum chemical consumption for SC, LWC, improved newsprint, and bleached board grades

ANDRITZ, one of the market leaders for high-consistency bleach plants, offers the optimum bleaching system for specific needs: from a simple peroxide stage to a three-stage system (including dithionite) for brightness levels above 85% ISO. All bleaching systems include the most efficient washing equipment for providing clean pulp to the paper machine.

Bleaching tower discharge system

Bleaching tower discharge system

PHC bleaching systems are applied:

  • For mechanical pulp for magazine grades
  • For mechanical pulp for LPB liquid packaging board
  • Whenever brighter board or paper contributes to market value
  • Whenever dithionite bleaching does not cope with the brightness demand

Requirements for PHC bleaching

Equipment for high consistency

  • ANDRITZ Twin Wire Press for highest consistencies, even at low freeness –  the dewatering equipment for magazine grades
  • ANDRITZ Pulp Screw Press as the most compact machine for high consistencies – the dewatering equipment for board grades

Equipment for excellent mixing

The ANDRITZ HC mixer copes with the challenge of mixing a very small amount of chemicals into a large amount of high-consistency pulp. The HC mixer fluffs the pulp to obtain a large surface area and provides optimum conditions for efficient mixing.

Equipment for even retention time

The ANDRITZ PHC bleach tower delivers uniform brightness because of the accurate and controlled retention time (first in, first out).

Post-bleach washing

Post-bleach washing results in cleaner pulp to the paper machine (reduction of COD, extractives, anionic trash, turbidity) and thus improves the runability of the paper machine, reduces consumption of wet-end chemicals, and increases the intervals for cleaning of felts, wires, and roll covers. Post-bleach washing also provides an opportunity to separate the water loops of the mechanical pulping system and the paper machine. Recovery of residual peroxide and its re-use in pre-bleaching also offer economic benefits.

Benefits of the ANDRITZ PHC bleaching systems

  • Best possible dewatering – high-consistency is the key to PHC bleaching
  • Highest brightness for high-quality papers
  • Lowest chemical consumption at high consistency
  • Minimum yield loss and COD generation
  • Preserves optical fiber properties (opacity, scattering)
  • Clean pulp to paper machine
  • Flexible operation: partial load and control of brightness
  • Experience from more than 140 PHC bleaching lines

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