ANDRITZ papermachine service for the forming section

PrimeCeramic and PrimePoly wear surfaces

Materials for demanding applications

ANDRITZ delivers custom designed ceramics and polyethylene materials as well as proprietary designed blades and engineered drainage systems. Our products are the highest quality and suited for all paper machine designs and paper grades.

The type of ceramic and blade design plays a critical role in the overall operation and efficiency of the wet end of the paper machine. The ceramic properties which are important to their performance are wear resistance, gentleness to fabrics, chip resistance, thermal shock resistance and thermal conductivity. ANDRITZ applies the engineered approach to replacing foil blades and covers by exploring alternative designs and materials to improve your machine’s performance.

Product portfolio

ANDRITZ wear surfaces PrimeCeramic & PrimePoly

Forming board units | omni foils | enervac boxes

Interlocking cover system

Suction box covers | uhle boxes

Autovac HD vacuum control

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ANDRITZ wear surfaces

PrimeCeramic AO – Aluminum Oxide

PrimeCeramic AO – Aluminum Oxide

• Widely used in paper machine forming sections

• Good cost to benefit ratio

• Well-lubricated sections of the forming section on slower machines

• Machines without a large amount of abrasive materials as fillers

• Good flexural strength and toughness

• Moderate hardness, elastic modulus and thermal conductivity

PrimeCeramic Magenta

PrimeCeramic Magenta

• ANDRITZ proprietary ceramic formulation

• Improved wear and toughness properties

• High vacuum level Uhle boxes to improve felt life

• Extended blade life in applications challenged by harsh furnishes

• Blade profile is retained without developing sharp edges

• Improved surface finish makes it more gentle by reducing fabric wear


PrimeCeramic SN – Silicon Nitride

PrimeCeramic SN – Silicon Nitride

• Flexible use in multiple applications

• Very smooth surface with good wear resistance

• Gentle to fabrics

• Excellent thermal shock resistance

• Tough - resists chipping

PrimeCeramic SC – Silicon Carbide

• Most widely used non-oxide industrial ceramic

• Applied later in the forming process subject to higher wear

• Good performance on higher speed machines

• Very good hardness and thermal conductivity

• Moderate thermal shock resistance

PrimePoly Standard

PrimePoly Standard

• Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for all applications

• Ideal for slower speed applications without abrasive furnish

• Long track record

• Good wear resistance

• Moderate density

• Cost effective

PrimePoly Advanced

PrimePoly Advanced

• Poly blend infused with antioxidants

• Ideal for bleach board and pulp machine applications

• Better wear resistance

• Excellent life in harsh environment

• Resists degradation due to chemical attack

• Extending blade and cover life

PrimePoly Premium

PrimePoly Premium

• This ceramic filled poly is an advanced pressed material

• Providing highest wear resistance of any poly alloy

• For high-wear positions like high vacuum and Uhle box applications

• Lowest drag resistance

• Best impact resistance


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